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  1. paul gray

    The Mole

    Hi folks, haven’t posted for a very long time and thought I’d see if this works. As I’ve had lots of time at home I have blown the dust off a few projects and this is one of them. I am building 3 complete moles and am re casting all the parts to re launch a new kit. Here’s a few pictures of the...
  2. paul gray


    i am thinning down some of my unmade kits. this is a large scale vac form ufo, partly started. will post dimensions tomorrow and hopefully some pics. pm me please if interested
  3. paul gray


    hi folks, for those not on facebook here's my latest version of the mole using all original kit bits including the body track parts. the chassis was scratch built and casts of the front and rear added. the front suspension works aswell. hope you like cheers Paul
  4. paul gray

    44" EAGLE BITS

    Hi folks these are the last eagle bits I have left and then there will be no more. I have 2 sets of shoulder pods and 2 sets of cage walkways, first to p.m. me gets them and lastly I need 2 more orders of passenger pod feet, fully constructed and made from brass and aluminium at £270 a set. the...
  5. paul gray


    It's been a while since i finished anything, so many on the bench but i have now actually got round to finishing something. i made one of these years ago and had to sell to pay the taxman and really loved the model so had to make another one with a few improvements. this one has a working...
  6. paul gray


    hi folks,selling my set of bells and sensor dishes,super quality stuff cheers Paul
  7. paul gray


    a very reluctant sale,but need to pay the taxman a low start and cheap reserve cheers Paul
  8. paul gray


    unloading a few bits i have spare check out other items for more bits cheers Paul
  9. paul gray


    i have just been and visited the engineer who has been doing all the 44" eagle parts for me and he has some quiet time at the moment and is puting together a set of side pod legs as was produced a couple of years back and he is happy to make a few more sets. also any other parts i have produced...
  10. paul gray

    tiger joe ribbed wheel

    hi folks i am putting my shado mobile together and i seem to be missing one ribbed wheel for the rear of the model. i have lots of spare smooth ones if you want to swap or let me know how much for one ribbed wheel thanks cheers Paul
  11. paul gray

    44" spine resin and carbon fibre

    hi folks. as i am now the proud owner of a brass spine i have the resin and carbon fibre one spare that i built earlier . anyone interested please give me a p.m. first desent offer wins. thanks cheers Paul
  12. paul gray


    thought i would share some pics of what i have been spending my free time on over the last few weeks. some of you may have seen this model before ,it's made by a couple of members here-Simmo and century 21 slough. when i first saw this model i had to make one and thanks to these guys generosity...
  13. paul gray


    hi guys, after what seems like ages my engineer has now delivered the goods and i have in my hands a brass 44 inch spine.cost for a complete spine( will need a little touching up and filing around joints as he doesn't do soldering normally) is £340 which i think is a brilliant price. he will...
  14. paul gray


    hi guys, i have only found part of my kit at home and i need some bits, if anyone has a spare they could sell, please let me know. many thanks cheers Paul
  15. paul gray


    i have a new build on the go and would like to buy a tillie the toiler kit if you have one spare thanks Paul
  16. paul gray

    44" LAB POD

    hi guys. my engineer has come up with a price for this one, i hope you are sitting down........£750. i am not expecting too many takers on this ,but as the engineer has gone to the time and effort to work out a price i thought i should put it up any way. so what do you get for your money...
  17. paul gray

    VICKERS VIGOR FOR SALE i know this isn't taybors but with all the work going on here regarding thunderbirds i thought more people would see it here. this is a beautiful model in the rarer yellow colour and...
  18. paul gray


    stuck at home with no work, with nothing better to do than play snowmen and snow balls i thought i would try something different, a snow eagle. close your eyes slightly and you could imagine a carter piloted crash landed eagle on an inhospitable planet in artic weather conditions. here we are...
  19. paul gray

    Lab-Pod plans?

    i am thinking of getting a 44" lab pod made. all my engineer has to work with are pictures. are there any plans available anywhere where he could take accurate measurements from? any help would be much appreciated cheers Paul
  20. paul gray

    £3500 for a chair for a chair that could ,maybe ,possibly have been used in UFO but no proof, yours for £3500:wtf:. if that sells i will be rather gobsmacked to say the...