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  1. Ken Skiffington

    Star Crash

    Another scratch build from Star Crash this time its the Murray Leinster Launch ship --its about 16 inches long ----next the paint
  2. Ken Skiffington

    space ship

    Scratch Build space ship ---don't know the name of it --just a pic i found the the net .-----getting ready for paint
  3. Ken Skiffington

    Star Crash

    Ha Ha it's the Cops scratch built cop space ship from Star Crash --not many pic on this ship only one screen grab ---I know not a good subject but I try most anything ---needs more paint
  4. Ken Skiffington

    Star Crash

    Scratch Build Space Claw--this is my second model from this movie more to come
  5. Ken Skiffington

    Doc Who

    what episode of doc who is this ship in
  6. Ken Skiffington

    red dwarf

    do any body know what red dwarf episode this ship is in
  7. Ken Skiffington

    space 1999 eagle booster rockets

    My Scratch Built Space 1999 --booster rockets and lab pod --under construction
  8. Ken Skiffington


    This one I scratch Built a few years ago-- going to put it in a diorama later-- its from the U.F.O. tv series forgets what epi it from right now
  9. Ken Skiffington

    Space 1999 22In Eagle Interior

    This is the Interior i did for the 22 inch Eagle it is now a kit at Larson Designs/Luner Models --contact him at the painting was done by Randy Neubert
  10. Ken Skiffington

    2001 Aries B 1

    2001 Aries B 1 --on its way to Larson Designs/Lunar Models --to be come a kit--Contact him at order & for release date( Landing Pad not included )
  11. Ken Skiffington

    Space 1999 Eagle Interior

    Its finish on its way to Larson Designs /Lunar Models to become a kit -- contact him at --- if you want one Space 1999 -Eagle Interior-- figure not included --New Pics
  12. Ken Skiffington

    Battlestar galactica need help

    do any body have any good pictures of the Galactica Laser Battery want to do a Diorama of it thanks ken
  13. Ken Skiffington

    Eagle 22" --Add on

    Scratch Built Laser Gun kit for the 22" Eagle now at Larson Design/Lunar Models
  14. Ken Skiffington

    U.F.O. Moon Mobile

    My scratch built moon mobile 9" long and base
  15. Ken Skiffington

    Larson design

    To view Larson design Catalog go to( Larson design Facebook)
  16. Ken Skiffington


    This is a studio scale UFO from the tv series UFO that my friend Chris and I did ---This is now a kit at Larson Design.
  17. Ken Skiffington

    22 inch add on

    Hi Guys Some scratch built add on for the 22 inch eagle the Grab arm ,the eagle refueling tank & eagle laser cannon -also doing the exiles life pod pic later--- this will be all one kit from Larson Design soon
  18. Ken Skiffington

    The Outer Limits

    Hi Guys This is a diorama of a ship landing with a creature walking out that I am working on for Larson Design --- its from the Outer Limits old tv series--the creature is a kit he owns
  19. Ken Skiffington

    Lost in Space

    This is my sculpture of the 5th dimension ship from Lost in Space I got done for Larson Design
  20. Ken Skiffington

    2001 Aries B 1

    Hi Guys This is what I am working on along with my friend Chris Larson Aries B 1 from 2001 12 inches wide and 15 inches tall soon to be a kit by Larson Design