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  1. Sky1Driver

    My Skydiver drawings

    Trying to create the most accurate color drawings of one of my favorite UFO craft (the next fave is the Space Interceptor) has been akin to building a model kit. You do the research and build it, and then find new sources of info and end up building another one that is more accurate. This is the...
  2. Sky1Driver

    Are these the same X-Wings?

    Yes, they are. However, do not buy the kit released after Jedi as some parts were retooled, and make sure it is a glue kit and not a snap together one. Here is more info I found:
  3. Sky1Driver

    Alternative way for pilot ingress on UFO Interceptor

    I heartily agree with you that the launch time Lt. Ellis gives should be the moment the alert is given to liftoff-if the pilots slid directly into the Interceptors. My reasoning on when it occurs is based on the launch silo cutaway in the Fanderson UFO Annual. Down the launch chute, the travel...
  4. Sky1Driver

    Lunar Carrier landing gear. How does it work?

    One of my favorite UFO vehicles is the Lunar Carrier. I was always fascinated by its landing gear. It looked so complicated and how did it all fit in the wing? Well, after staring at screenshots and almost every available photo of the vehicle taking off and landing, this is what I came up with...
  5. Sky1Driver

    Alternative way for pilot ingress on UFO Interceptor

    When I watched UFO as a kid, my belief was the pilots went down the chutes and directly into the Interceptors (like Virgil in Thunderbird 2). However, Graham Bleathman’s Moonbase cutaway in the Fanderson UFO Annual shows the pilots slide down the chutes to a travel tube, which takes them to the...
  6. Sky1Driver

    Alternative way for pilot ingress on UFO Interceptor

    Don’t get me wrong on this. I love Graham Bleathman’s cutaway artwork. While I agree with his Moonbase cutaway of the Interceptors’ launch bay (Fanderson’s UFO Annual), the way the pilots enter the vehicles left me scratching my head. I always felt the Interceptor pilots entered through the...
  7. Sky1Driver

    How big is a UFO?

    I was not happy with the size comparison chart and redid it to be more accurate (my apologies for those who saved the previous chart). The sizes of the UFOs are fine. It is the SHADO craft (too small)and the alien (too tall). These are the figures I calculated: Interceptor-52 ft long, Sky...
  8. Sky1Driver

    How big is a UFO?

    I had to recalculate the scale and size of the Interceptor and the UFO. If the Interceptor was around 50 feet long, the UFO would be around 29 feet in diameter. The toy set would be an odd 1/89 scale. I decided to visualize the discussion on the sizes of the UFO. See attached.
  9. Sky1Driver

    Doppelganger Lifting Body

    Someone asked me to show the different positions of the wings for the lifting body. I have attached photos I found on the Web that illustrates this.
  10. Sky1Driver

    Doppelganger Lifting Body

    Jonathan E created the original drawing of the Doppelganger lifting body and I made some adjustments to it. During my research I discovered the wings were seen in three positions in the film. They are illustrated in the updated drawing. Derek Meddings was ahead of his time. The Soviets designed...
  11. Sky1Driver

    My Skydiver drawings

    Thank you! Jonathan E did all the hard work, I just tweaked it. Anyway, I had to make more alterations. This is it (I know I said this before). I love this new forum format, can upload more detailed files. Enjoy.
  12. Sky1Driver

    How does Skydiver's "seaskim" mode works?

    I always wondered how Skydiver was able to go on “seaskim” mode. In Chris Bentley’s UFO book, he states the sub uses hydroplanes to achieve this. After doing some research, this is what I came up with: hydroplanes that swing out of Diver 1. These are not “hydrofoils” per se – while the...
  13. Sky1Driver

    SHADAIR vehicle layouts

    I was paging through Fanderson's terrific 1972 UFO Annual, and I thought of doing a layout of two Shadair vehicles: the Albatross and Kingfisher. Mind you, this is not canon. It is based on available material, and research of existing aircraft. Enjoy!
  14. Sky1Driver

    Update to SID diagram from UFO Annual

    I was looking at the diagram showing the external parts of SID that originally appeared in the 1970 UFO Annual. Decided to update the drawing with new terminology and parts that were not pointed out in the original. Enjoy.
  15. Sky1Driver

    Mrs. Peel has joined Steed on their next assignment

    RIP Diana Rigg. Mrs. Peel has joined Steed on their next assignment Sad news
  16. Sky1Driver

    How did the Space Dumper get to the farmhouse?

    Ever wondered where the Space Dumper came from in the UFO episode “The Long Sleep”? I might have figured that out: a Shadair C-184 Transport airlifted the SD to the location. Opening its rear cargo bay doors, the SD was ejected out where it made a soft landing at the farmhouse. Looking at the...
  17. Sky1Driver

    UFO Aliens: how does their suit work?

    Here is my theory on how the life support system for the Alien environmental suit works. Again, it is not canon. Just an idea gleaned from watching UFO. The episodes “Survival” and “Ordeal” showed the most details.
  18. Sky1Driver

    SHADO Moonmobile cutaway and why?

    Here is my latest cutaway: the SHADO Moon Mobile. Why have I been posting all this stuff on UFO? 2020 is the 50th anniversary of the series. So I decided to commit to paper the ideas and questions rattling in my brain-stuff not usually covered. Hope you enjoyed the material.
  19. Sky1Driver

    How do the Aliens get in and out of the UFO?

    Saw various ideas on the Web. I thought up this as I was cleaning and sharpening my Swiss Army knife.
  20. Sky1Driver

    SHADO Moonbase Ground Defense Vehicle layout

    In a continuing series highlighting the technical aspects of UFO. While they are not canon, they were based on research, and real-life models. Here is the Moonbase lunar tank seen in the episodes “Reflections In The Water” and “The Cat With Ten Lives.” In Chris Bentley’s UFO book, he...