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  1. StephenDutton

    Julian Glover on playing an alien

    Now that we're starting to get out of lockdowns in the UK I was able to attend a convention in Leeds today with the Rebel Legion. Among the guests was Julian Glover and I took along a photo of him playing 'Jarak' from the episode "Alpha's Child". When he saw this he said that he expected that I...
  2. StephenDutton

    Scratchbuilt Baneblade - from old White Dwarf article

    The Baneblade is now painted. I also have some scaled shots. First comparing the model to the kits available at the time: Next to the equivalent kits today: and to production Imperial Guard kits: Finally a couple of shots comparing it just to the production Baneblade seen at the right...
  3. StephenDutton

    Warhammer 40k - Scratch built Baneblade (from old White Dwarf article)

    Recently I've been putting together a number of Warhammer 40k armies using just figures and models from the first edition of the game, Rogue Trader (so up to 1993) but that fit with the current 9th edition rules. Then I'll be talking about each of them for my YouTube channel, so far I just have...
  4. StephenDutton

    Star Trek 28mm scale movie era shuttle

    A while ago I converted some 28mm scale figures to produce a set of Star Trek figures in the maroon uniforms of the original series movies. This last week I was able to put aside enough time to make a model shuttle to about the same scale. If only I could paint white smoothly.
  5. StephenDutton

    3d printed Ultraprobe cockpit (form eBay)

    My fully assembled and painted Ultraprobe cockpit module. Sadly this shows up the problem I always seem to have with 3d printed models, no matter how smooth I may think I've got them there are always ridges that show up when painted. Still it's still nice to have this one. This model has the...
  6. StephenDutton

    Easter Egg UFO?

    The supermarket near me is selling hollow plastic eggs meant for Easter egg hunts that consist of a lot of small eggs inside a larger one. Obviously not many such hunts are taking place right now so they've been reduced in price and I now have three of these. I'm really just interested in the...
  7. StephenDutton

    Ultraprobe cockpit module - 3d print from eBay

    I bought a 3d printed kit of the Ultraprobe cockpit module from 'Dragon's Domain' on eBay. This arrived today, about a week ahead of schedule. It appears to be about the same scale as 12" Eagles going off the front section. These are the parts in the kit. From the colours I'd say that the...
  8. StephenDutton

    Hoth Rifle Prop Build

    This model is intended to be part of a Rebel Hoth Trooper costume. Making the gun from scratch was offered me a cheap way of getting a lightweight gun. Testing it on bathroom scales showed that it was too light to register. Also pictured is the replica Stg44 I used as a pattern.
  9. StephenDutton

    The Hoth Rifle

    I've been working on a Rebel Hoth Trench Trooper costume for the Rebel Legion for some weeks now and as part of that I decided I wanted to include the rifle (the Blastech A-280C or A-295 depending on your point of view). This is an optional item for clearing the costume but a big gun always...
  10. StephenDutton

    Modified 1:72 scale Hawk

    My modification of the 1:72 scale MPC Hawk kit. I've given it more obvious magnetic accelerator cannons on the wing tips, a compact point defence turret, missile pylons under the wings and a ventral weapons bay. The two yellow panels I've painted on the upper surface of the cockpit are where I...
  11. StephenDutton

    Modified 1:72 Hawk

    After modifying a model of the Eagle to match what I want for my fan fiction I've decided to produce a similarly modified Hawk using the 1:72 scale MPC kit. Unlike the Eagle, the structure of the Hawk will remain the same. The biggest difference is going to be the addition of an internal weapons...
  12. StephenDutton

    Notes on fiction I am planning (repost)

    Lost to the same technical hitch as my modified Eagle model, I am still interested in people's thoughts on a fiction idea I have. At the close of the 23rd century more than a dozen planets and moons of the solar system have been colonised and there is considerable friction between Earth...
  13. StephenDutton

    Modified 1:72 scale Eagle (repost)

    After a technical hitch with the forum wiped my posts here is my modification of the MPC 1:72 scale Eagle kit once again. The idea behind this come from my intention to write fiction based on an updated Space:1999 and I wanted to alter the Eagle slightly to match my ideas. The main change...