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  1. mimrie

    Anderson Tea Set

    Daughter got a birthday coming up? Here's the ideal gift.... These tea sets first appeared in Supercar and appeared in every series up to (and including) Thunderbirds; a bit too big for the 'more realistic scale' puppets. It was sold by Amersham Toys but probably produced by Bilton Pottery. I've...
  2. mimrie

    Dollhouse Anderson

    Here's a mad idea...Anderson sets at Dollhouse scale (1/12). The early series had sets which were roughly 10 foot square (Black Rock Lab, Space City Control Room etc) and were approximately 1/3 scale. If these were reduced to 1/12 scale then they would be 2ft6ins square and not an unreasonable...
  3. mimrie


    Here's another of my 'lockdown' projects.... Back in 1998 Austin Tate and I collaborated on a CG model of Supercar - see Austins Site. This was a very successful model and made freely available in many formats; almost any search for Supercar will bring up an image of the model. However as a...
  4. mimrie

    Hoverjet (Big Chief Scale)

    This is an old model that I've never shared here. As you can see I rarely 'finish' my models, once I've got the geometry sorted out I tend to move on to whatever's next. Mick
  5. mimrie

    TB1 Mobile Control Unit

    Hi all, Hope everyone is keeping well and using their lockdown time constructively. This is one of the many projects I've been working on....the Thunderbird 1 Mobile Control Unit. I made this all in Cinema4D (V20). I started with a screen grab from Vault of Death (VoD_ScreenGrab.jpg) and used...
  6. mimrie

    Transporter Pod on auction

    An original Eagle pod up for grabs starting at £7500 at Lots of high quality images (too big to post them all here). Selling tomorrow. Mick
  7. mimrie

    Onion Pattern Quilted Vinyl

    I've happened upon a couple of potential sources of material similar to that used in the Anderson productions. 1. Vintage waste baskets (and laundry baskets). I think the white one below is as close as you'll get to the original material and dates from the same period, unfortunately already...
  8. mimrie

    Space City Control

    A smallish part of a bigger project I'm working on, just to whet your appetite. All comments welcome. Mick.
  9. mimrie

    JR Thunderbird 5 in auction

    Here's a JR TB5 with original box up for auction at Eighteen Eighteen Auctioneers on 4/5 March with an estimate of £30-50. (There's one on ebay at the moment for more than £200). The picture also shows a JR TB3 in the bundle lot though it's not mentioned in the description. Mick.
  10. mimrie

    JR FAB 1 up for auction...

    Not an E-bay auction but I thought this was the best place to post this... A JR FAB1 up for auction on 9/2/19 in Bury St...
  11. mimrie

    Submarine from "Man from MI5"

    If you want to build one of these subs as featured in Thunderbirds The Man from MI5 and Stingray The Man from the Navy you’re going to need a Poplar Plastics (Bridgend) pull-along model Ferrari 246 F1 car (1958). There are two available on ebay presently; 1. Huge Vintage Plastic Racing Car; Not...
  12. mimrie

    Light Pillars

    I spotted these pipe reducers in Wickes the other day and was reminded of the chrome ‘light pillars’ seen on the TB1 Mobile Control Unit and in TB5. I went back and remeasured these on some screen captures - two different varieties appear on the TB1 Mobile control Unit; on the desk in front of...
  13. mimrie

    TB1 Pilot Chair

    All modeling done in Cinema 4D; still a few minor bits to do and then the texturing. Comments please. If there's any interest I might produce some schematics from the model. Mick
  14. mimrie

    3D Printed Bits

    The arrival of my 3D printer coincided with me realising that Big Chief were producing 1/6th scale replicas and prompted me to think about whether it was possible to produce accessories at that scale. As a proof of concept I have put together this model of Dr Beakers console from Supercar. The...
  15. mimrie

    Benkson 68 Recorder

    One of the reasons it has taken me so long to finish my Stingray is that I got sidetracked into making this. One or two little details to finish up and still searching for a font to match the control knob; any help gratefully received. Mick
  16. mimrie

    Stingray modeling finished

    Finally finished the modeling of Stingray based on the Phil Rae plans. I was planning to go on to do a detailed interior, but of course the Stingray model and puppet set are not all that similar. My inclination is to try to do an accurate puppet set and then fudge it into the model. All...
  17. mimrie

    Stingray Model - WIP It's been a complete b*****d to do, but not much more now. All coments gratefully received. Mick Sorry, posted to the wrong thread in error; can one of the mods move it please.
  18. mimrie

    Stingray Interior

    I'm collecting info for a Stingray (CGI) build to include a full interior and wonder whether anyone can help with some details; 1. Any ideas what the black disc is on this control panel? the nearest thing I've found is this WW2 air navigation computer; 2. Has anyone got any ideas what the...
  19. mimrie

    Fireball XL5 schematics

    Just a heads up that Dave Ireland has made his CAD drawings of Fireball available on the Yahoo 'Fireball' group. You have to be a member but well worth a look if you're considering a build. Mick
  20. mimrie

    Anderson shelters

    I've noticed there's not much by way of interior models so I thought I'd post one or two of mine. Only CG models I'm afraid, and rather old ones at that, but might be of interest to someone...