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  1. Fun Pod


    "Merry Christmas!" 2011 :santa:
  2. Fun Pod

    Glenn Martin, the Martin Jetpack and Me!

    I remember being thunderstruck when word broke of the Martin Jetpack at its public debut, at AirVenture 2008, in Oshkosh. It wasn’t because it was cutting edge, an obvious revolution in aviation, or even a dream come true. No, what struck me was that it was made in my home town of Christchurch...
  3. Fun Pod

    FAB 1 Scratchbuild

    This thread is not a current build project, but a step-by-step photographic record of my very first Gerry Anderson scratchbuild, completed back in 2006. In the interests of creating a more useful document to any members who may wish to archive any of the following material as research for...
  4. Fun Pod

    Happy Easter, Alphans!

  5. Fun Pod

    Collision Course Nuke - Fun Pod's build

    *cough, cough* ... umm, maybe I'll stick with Spitfires :-/
  6. Fun Pod

    Strictly for The 'Birds (An Occasional Series)

  7. Fun Pod

    Refurbished 'Bionic Woman' - anyone seen it?

    One of our national channels is running trailers for a new version of the 'Bionic Woman' (instead of the typical 'Coming soon' graphics, the legend reads 'Under construction'). Anyone here already seen it? Should I tune in or run the other way - making the appropriate duh-dit-dit-dit-tt-tt...
  8. Fun Pod

    The Rules of Moron (A Series of 10)

  9. Fun Pod

    Eagle 'Independence'

    (Source: Reuters Archive. Eagle Independence, blasts off from Anderson Peninsula, July 4th, 1999. The only Eagle to be named instead of issued a numerical fleet designation, she would be lost some ten weeks later, in the event that would come to be remembered as Breakaway.) Warm wishes to...
  10. Fun Pod

    Next week on 'TOP GEAR'! ...

  11. Fun Pod

    Eagitron - Alpha Defender!

  12. Fun Pod

    STAR WARS turns 30 today

  13. Fun Pod

    BREAKING NEWS! Disney/Pixar announce "EAGLES"

    PRESS RELEASE "EAGLES" Launch to be Out of This World J.A. Jester, chairman of The Walt Disney Studios, announced today that in one of the most unique and elaborate movie premiers of all-time, Disney Pixar's exciting new feature "EAGLES" will stage its World Premiere at the Kennedy Space...
  14. Fun Pod

    My place, from Space

    Where do you live? Show us "your place from space" via small picture or link. Welcome to the east coast of the Canterbury Plains, in the central South Island of New Zealand. That red oval rings my home city of Christchurch, located towards the bottom of the Pegasus Bight, which terminates at...
  15. Fun Pod

    Peter Jackson's Thunderbirds

    Many years ago, me and my flatmates - film buffs all - used to engage in our own movie debating game, the subjects of which were chosen arbitrarily, before we'd launch into the whys and wherefores. Not surprisingly, the subject of the "dream combo" would often rear its head. This typically took...