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  1. rabbidsquirrel

    a Space 1999 Internet project

    Hello one and all Yes a SPACE 1999 internet project not un-like or others why not a project for Space 1999 or even Dr.Who? please reply tell me what you all think and if any wish to help out (by making props Space 1999 props or props for the other project i...
  2. rabbidsquirrel

    needing a "prop project?"/ update

    Hello all well as of today there is 21 pages of my horror book (when i just meant to re-do the first page!!) a few more pages on a Sci fi and a wee bit more on a Space 1999 the source story for a script is done (script still being worked on) one new hull design is decided on (working...
  3. rabbidsquirrel

    44" eagle update

    Well Not a lot has gone on but i do have all of the brass tubing for the main parts (maybe not under the cargo pod,rear engine part) just wanting to get the jigs cut out by a pro (abresion water jet cutter) so the jig will be spot on-- farther down the road a nice wooden base with a...
  4. rabbidsquirrel

    44" Eagle project off and running(like a heard of turtl

    Yes as my dad would say i'm off and running like a heard of turtles just sent off for 10 tubes of 1/4x.029x36" and 3/16 for a total of 119.40 (us dollars) they didn't have the 1"1/4 (for the jig to hold the eagle, rear and in the middle of both cages) but i will find something some where :D
  5. rabbidsquirrel

    decals for the 12" eagle

    Well Finally got a primer coat and a white coat on the command module it is still on the tree and in the paint jig ( pics as soon as i get batt.) gray primer, gloss white, alum. for the "two" sensors and flat back on the "windows" and went to check the decals eh gads they have passed...
  6. rabbidsquirrel

    looking for details: Eagle lazer

    yes wonder if any of you have any pic's that show this a letter bit better but now i'm wondering HOW i can upload a pic? details of the top are clear it is the side and the back that i would like it will be for the 44" eagle that will sit on top of the cage (for easier changing of the model)...
  7. rabbidsquirrel

    scritps for Space 1999

    No iam not nuts (well ok eagles but that is why i'm here) got a idea about the idea the patch for moonbase Alpha (Yes? what about it?) well how about this same patch But insteed of moonbase it reads rescue = Alpha Rescue!! how can this band of misfits find Alpha? ( Maya's Message the...
  8. rabbidsquirrel

    would any of you all want to help?

    just a random brain fart (or small stroke) would any be interested in helping to make a "working" script? just let me know by posting thank you very much
  9. rabbidsquirrel

    Is Mrs. Bain alive???

    Saw C.S.I to night special guest star B. Bain well it looks like her But i thought she passed on of lung cancer???? well no biggie just was wondering had a great Turkey day hope you did all have a great Thankness Giving :D
  10. rabbidsquirrel

    Wanted detailed blueprints 44 eagle and list of kitbashing

    Yes me again :D well i have a job now :roll: so....the building begins but i need Input(yes pun meant) hee (headache going away) buleprints or drawings to show this dumb bloke how to make the jigs detailed info on the building of all aspects of the model info on the kits used in...
  11. rabbidsquirrel

    need lot (and lots) of help:casting molds:resin

    Hello all Me again yes i would like to teach myself these skills making molds ,casting them working with resin. Got a star ship i would like to see as a model not just something on paper and maybe if i get good enough make some mods for the furture 44" eagle planed( alas planed is...