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    The Ads on this site are ridiculous now

    I've been looking through various threads on here [ including this one ] and the amount of ads that have appeared over the past few weeks is beyond a joke. Even though I've closed one after another they soon pop back up and I can't even find some threads [ not to mention how many people seem...
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    Problems uploading images.

    I'm having problems uploading images on here. I first got a message saying the site only allows sizes of 2999 times 2999 so I shrunk the picture. Then I got this message instead - your file of 320.6 KB exceeds the forums limit of 195.3KB for this filetype. So I went to a website to shrink...
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    Thunderbirds are Go back on ITV

    I know not everyone's enamoured with it but it's back on Saturday morning at 8.00 a.m. [ check though ] on CITV. The first episode was the Saturday just gone [ which I miraculously managed to catch after flicking through the channels ]. SPOILER - and somebody might be returning too.
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    Possible Space 1999 reboot?

    Brian Johnson posted this yesterday on his Facebook account - BJ here folks. Am awaiting a green light for an updated version of Space 1999 which will have Eagles and Hawks but some new craft as well. Will be made in the UK and where is TBD and I hope to have more news shortly. Really looking...
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    My Pursuit Ship started

    As with the Wanderer sorry about the picture quality [ I will get a better camera ] but here's the main body of my PS almost done -
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    The vanes on original TB3 - what colour are they?

    As far as I can see they're maybe grey or a light blue?
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    New Sixteen12 Retro Eagles!

    Haven't seen anyone on here posting up about these yet - I think these could be really cool.
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    The Russian moon mobile from Responsibility Seat

    I watched it for the first time in years on Forces TV Sunday and had totally forgotten about it. Great model but does anyone know if it was largely kitbashed or mainly scratchbuilt with a few kit parts?
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    UFO on Forces TV!

    There I was last Saturday morning flicking through the channels when I came across a programme called UFO advertised for 9.30 a.m on Forces tv. Surely it can't be THE UFO on a channel dedicated to entertaining and informing the armed forces I thought? Anyway obviously I checked and of course...
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    Different Pursuit Ships?

    Just looking in the BBC VFX book and there's a photo of 3 PS but they don't have the radar dishes. Plus in SCI FI & FANTASY MODELS the finished model only partially resembles the photo's of the PS I've seen. The builder says he forgot to put the Plastruct ring in the nose so it'll have to be...
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    What colour primer for Fab 1?

    I had a tin of Halfords red primer so I sprayed my Aoshima Fab 1 with it but I was wondering if that's the best colour for a pink overcoat?
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    Season 2 of TAG begins today.

    Thunderbirds are Go that is. As far as I can make out it's on ITV at 3.30pm.
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    This site's gone really quiet!

    What's happened? Where is everyone?
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    Don't think I've ever seen the original Eagle design drawings!

    At least I don't really remember seeing them. I've tried to find them online but no luck. Anyone got any links?
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    1/48 Eagle - now don't get too excited!

    But take a look at this - it's likely it's about the kit from the 70s and someone's got their wires crossed so don't get your hopes up - but it's worth a look.
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    Why didn't Product Enterprise do the Nuclear waste pod?

    They did just about all the other pod variants but not probably the second best version after the transporter pod? A real shame.
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    Scratchbuilding the Wanderer Class K47

    Been thinking about trying to build this ship [ amongst other things ] and trying to identify the parts. I can only find one small picture at the moment - but I seem to remember quite a few of the parts came from the Airfix Space shuttle - which...
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    Saw the 1st Thunderbirds ad last night.

    On Challenge tv channel. Started off in space then swept to the right past planet Earth to a white space station and a mayday message [ if I remember correctly ]. Plus a fairly prominent [ unfortunately ] CITV logo.
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    Any pics of the new Fab 1?

    We've seen all the new Thunderbirds but still not Fab 1 - which is surprising. Anyone seen any?
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    Anyone ever scratchbuilt the London?

    Was thinking about doing this after I've finished my pursuit ship [ if I ever finish it ]. Looks like one of the easier ships to scratchbuild - or am I wrong?