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  1. Glenn Allen

    War Doctor Bust

    Painted by Gary Hillard for me as a display piece
  2. Glenn Allen

    War Doctor Bust

    Update .... after a lot of setbacks on this ..(it broke while the mould was being poured ) the war Doctor is ready , already cast a couple of test cast , now ready to start casting
  3. Glenn Allen

    what the best way to make my own decals

    Hi i just got a commission to build a 1/12 scale viper from BSG , i have the kit and decals , But the customer wants his own Battlestar and Pilot name , found on Amazon several people selling water slide decal paper , which work on a inkjet printer ...are these any good ? instructions say...
  4. Glenn Allen

    looking for a SE-14r Light Blaster Pistol.

    does any one where i can get a kit version of this ? as this was the basis of the laser pistol used in Alien and i would like to build this prop , thanks :)
  5. Glenn Allen

    My large MK2 Viper kit

    Here something i did a while back , dusted it off today as it's been sitting alone in my garage :cry:by me It is a kit produced by me , but for some reason i could not sell any :O it is 24 " long
  6. Glenn Allen

    War Doctor Bust

    Hi here is a little something i have been working on hope you like it :)
  7. Glenn Allen


    Hi everyone , i keep looking at this site , so decided to join , as it turns out i know a few of you guys on here , a bit about me , I used to run my own Business a few years back called JG Models , some of you may have heard of it ?:lol: i used to have a Table at the old sci fi show at Cheshunt...