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  1. chrisw

    century 21 spc

    Hi Has anyone got any photos or schematics on how the rocket firing mechanism works on this. I just bought one but not sure if the metal strip under the figures in the cockpit is sitting in the correct position as the rockets do not fire. Thanks Chris W
  2. chrisw

    60's Century 21 merchandise

    evening all Having only just joined I posted my opening post in the wrong section!!!:( As previously mentioned I collect Captain Scarlet merchandise from the 60's. As we are all custodians of our respective collections I joined with the aim of learning and sharing about anything and...
  3. chrisw

    60's Captain Scarlet merchandise

    Hi everyone Just joined having been an interested observer for a while. My total an absolute passion is Captain Scarlet and have spent 25 years collecting original 60's merchandise for both CS and the Angels. I have a good collection with some interesting pieces and am willing to share any...