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  1. TV21Dalek


    Does anyone know what these speaker grilles are from? I want to build something authentic and would love to know what these gold coloured oval and rounded-corner-square grilles were originally from. It's these little things that irk me :D
  2. TV21Dalek

    1/6 scale K9 project

    Been off the site for a while - trying other modelling genres to allow me to come back to SF modelling fresh. So, bought a Big Chief 1/6 scale Tom Baker Doctor Who figure and thought he was lacking in the accessories department, so after building him a scale Dalek gun I was feeling ambitious so...
  3. TV21Dalek

    Spectrum roundels

    Does anyone produce a sheet of Spectrum roundels in assorted sizes? I have various models in need of decals, as well as a couple of Dinky restoration projects. I had a look at Jbot's site and he only has model-specific sheets (Angel and SPV) in various scales. Any ideas? Don't want to buy...
  4. TV21Dalek

    Wanted: Comet Miniatures Stingray

    Hi all... does anyone have an unbuilt or part-built Comet Stingray vacform kit? The recent photos of the mouth watering Airfix kit has made me want to build a model of the super sub (and not the Doyusha disaster). Anyone got one they're willing to sell? :yes: (There's one on eBay but it...
  5. TV21Dalek

    Imai TB5 help please

    Can anyone suggest what I can use to replicate the ribbed copper ring around the main body of Thunderbird 5? I have the Imai kit and the ring is as smooth as a baby's bum whereas it should be ribbed. Any ideas?
  6. TV21Dalek

    Wanted: Thunderbird 2 parts

    I'm looking for repro or original wings and pod underside from the Hong Kong made version of the JR21 Thunderbird 2 toy. This is for a partial restoration, as it will not be played with but displayed as a static item. It's legs have gone but I'm not too bothered about them. So if you have a...
  7. TV21Dalek

    Comet TB1

    My Comet Thunderbird 1 arrived from Startrader today and I have to say the box was smaller than I expected.:think: Anyway, the kit looks filthy... with the injection moulded parts covered in grime. The vacform parts have those really annoying little pips on them which need filling on the...
  8. TV21Dalek

    Captain Scarlet uniform patterns

    Okay, bit of a long shot, and I apologise if this seems a bit naughty... but does anyone have a set of patterns for a Spectrum puppet uniform/boots they could copy? I would of course pay for the copies and postage. Here's the reason. I have a Vivid first version Scarlet and I hate the...
  9. TV21Dalek

    Building from Mercury 9

    Anyone have the 1/350 scale control building from the Pegasus Mercury 9 kit going spare? After one of these for a planned TB2 diorama. Please PM me with a price if you want rid of one. Cheers :D
  10. TV21Dalek

    Konami bases

    Bit of a weird request: do any of you have spare bases from the Konami Gerry Anderson models? I'm looking for the larger ones for vehicles and the wedge-shape ones from the flying craft. I need these to construct consoles and instruments for my Dalek project, so any of these going for sale...
  11. TV21Dalek

    Plastic Angels

    I thought I would start a thread showing my Angel kit builds - Airfix and Imai (both sizes). I want to show that plastic kits of Angel Interceptors can be turned into nice models. Okay, they aren't as impressive as the UNCL resin kit, but they are more accessible and a good way to keep those...
  12. TV21Dalek

    Angel plastic kits

    I recently ordered an Imai Spectrum Passenger jet and while I wait for it to come I started working on my various Angel kits. People generally get all worked up about the scales of the Airfix and Imai kits in relation to the actual screen props. I decided to take a different view, and based...
  13. TV21Dalek

    New to me

    I've been buying some TV21 issues recently and the adverts are fascinating... but one really had me scratching my head. In issue 106 ( 28 January 2067) there is the following advert: Have any members ever seen these toys/models? They are too small for the Rosenthal/JR21 toys, and too...
  14. TV21Dalek

    Vivid SPC... toy upgrade

    Inspired by Transporter's upgrading of the Dinky Spectrum Patrol Car/Spectrum Saloon I thought I might like to try something similar while I hunt for original clear parts for my Dinky FAB1. Rather than use the Dinky SPC I thought I would start smaller, and use the 1993 Vivid Imagination version...
  15. TV21Dalek


    You know how it is... you see an idea that someone used to great success, so you have a go... and cock it up. That happened to me... I saw a thread about PE ShadoMobiles and their awful weathering... and someone used nail varnish remover to remove the excessive camo pattern. Well, I looked at my...
  16. TV21Dalek

    DINKY FAB1 clear parts wanted

    Does anyone have original Dinky FAB1 spare canopy and windscreen for sale? I have replica parts but they are warped and undersized. :rant: I would hope for either windscreen or canopy... I know these are rare pieces but it would help me to upgrade and restore one. Thanks muchly.:thumbup:
  17. TV21Dalek

    The Horror

    My sister recently showed me the following link to a Gerry Anderson production which thankfully never happened. We all know that between Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet there was "Thunderbirds Are Go!"... but there was also this little nightmare! :O...
  18. TV21Dalek

    Question about Corgi FAB1

    I recently bought a junked Dinky FAB1 and spare/replacement parts so I can restore and correct the car (repainting the interior the right colour, replacing headlights, erasing the front doors, adding antennae and hiding the rear missiles holes with lights)... but I was also looking at the Corgi...
  19. TV21Dalek

    Airfix buildings in Thunderbirds

    I was looking at old Airfix buildings for model railways and I was wondering if any of them were used in the series? I know the other models were (girder bridge, etc) but what about the shop and flat? Modern house? Any ideas?
  20. TV21Dalek

    Bandai Movie Thunderbirds kits

    I know this is going to go down like a lead balloon, but has anyone actually built any of the Bandai model kits from the disastrous live action Thunderbirds film? I've ordered the 1/200 TB1 and 1/450 TB2 to see what they're like, but I was wondering if anyone else has had a go? Hey come on...