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    Late Night Late UFO episode order

    Hi, does anyone know what order Late Night Late showed the UFO episodes in 1988? I know that they showed "Close Up" last for some reason. I think Late Night Late started showing UFO as a "viewers choice" on a Thursday late night then moved it to a Friday late night.
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    Robert Easton on Johnny Carson

    Did any of you know if the clip that was on you tube recently of Robert Easton on Johnny Carson can be found anywhere else? It looks like the video was taken down.
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    Captain Zep Space Detective

    Zep One filming miniature for just under 5K Apparently its origin is from the not-actioned Dan Dare TV show ATV were planning in the early 80's I noticed that there is now a full episode of Captain Zep on youtube!
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    FFF: First Train Through

    Does anyone know what model locomotive they used in the Four Feather Falls episode "First Train Through"? Was it a custom build or an off the shelf item? It looks quite detailed and photographed well.....Maybe O gauge or larger...??? Did it make any other apperances in Anderson shows?
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    Anderson funfair ride

    Do you think some of the vehicles in this funfair ride are based on Supercar? This was a ride at Butlins Clacton in around 1979...I originally posted them on Rods and sods forum when I saw someone asking if anyone remembered a Supercar ride at Littlehampton.
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    Dinky SPV transporter lorry

    Hi, maybe an unusual question but do you know of any currently available off the shelves covered lorries (toy lorries) that a Dinky SPV will be able to drive straight into?
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    Terrahawks theme as it was meant to be

    I just caught up with this blog entry. Apparantly budget constraints prevented the use of a full orchestral version of the opening titles.... While on the subject, does anyone know how much the first series of Terrahawks cost to make back in the day, compared to other series ?