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    Making a Liberator

    Making a Liberator, mostly based on the lovely, clear photos on the makingblakes7 twitter feed. Not super-accurate :-)
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    (I didn't make the Enterprise)
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    I think I made TB3 too pointy but ah well.
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    My Thunderbird 3 (WIP)

    modeled in Truespace. I'll import it into Bryce when it's finished. tb3 2 by Paul Lloyd1, on Flickr
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    Thunderbird 3 insignia - how many sides?

    I'm making a not-very accurate CGI Thunderbird 3 (1960s series). But I can't figure out how many sides of TB3 the big "Thunderbird" lettering appears on. In some shots it seems to be just one sector; others two. And logically you might think it was on all three sectors. Was it different on...
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    Eagle in painting by French SF artist Manchu

    Apologies if this has been posted before:
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    Another SHADO mobile inspired CG model

    Truespace, PaintShopPro, and Bryce. The backdrop in the first image is from a wikipedia page about Iceland. 1 by Paul Lloyd1, on Flickr vehicle 16 Y ttt by Paul Lloyd1, on Flickr
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    BSEV Prospero

    A model I'm working on. It's supposed to be the starship from an imaginary early 70s BBC science fiction show.
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    my missile launch vehicle

    Inspired by the SHADO mobiles, of course.
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    Real-life inspiration for 2001's workpods?

    Apologies if this has been posted before but it's new to me:
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    My Meta Probe inspired Truespace model

    I thought I'd try to make something that looked as if it would fit in to the Space: 1999 universe. This is what I came up with. It's a British built, NERVA powered asteroid probe, launched in the late 1980s. (I know at least one other forum member visits Renderosity, so some of you might have...
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    My Europa lander (inspired by Space: 1999's Voyager)

    Modelled in Truespace and rendered in Bryce.