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    A genius has passed away

    Today Carlo Rambaldi,creator of E.T. died in hospital in the region of Calabria,Italy at 86.God rest your soul,Maestro and my condolences and deep embraces to all his relatives.
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    A pair of Commander Shore pics

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    Some miscellaneous images from around the web

    Surprised of not seeing images of the spj there,if you permit I´ll put some pics I've been gathering on the subject.Enjoy them.
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    Rather late I present myself

    When I was six years old,my elder brother took me to see the Thunderbirds are go! movie.Since then,and I'm 53 now, I've been a sci-fi fan of both movies and tv series always with the highest of my regards towards British sci-fi tv series. Although I've done,and do,sci-fi themes kits I'm afraid...