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  1. Raytheon

    Thunderbird 1 launch bay

    Very shap and crisp., excellent work!
  2. Raytheon

    Adventures in Plastic 1/350th Thunderbird 2

    AIP re-issue of the Aoshima kit. Done over a couple of days for the 'and why not' Dept. Came out at about 8 & 1/2" or 216mm long. Tamiya paint mix specially for the main colour, pencil panel lines for the main part and pastel chalk weathering. Markings stock decals and small markings via decal...
  3. Raytheon

    Atomic City 1/12th Resin 2001 EVA Pod.

    Cheers Sliuman.
  4. Raytheon

    Playing Mantis/Aurora Dr. Zaius 'Beneath the Planet of the Apes'

    The Playing Mantis/Aurora reissue of the Addar Dr. Zaius. Got as a quick build for me and fun many moons ago, decided to finally get stuck in because why not. Only faffing about was to replace the moulded in detail of the boxes and rods for the Alpha/Omega missile controls on the altar thingy...
  5. Raytheon

    Atomic City 1/12th Resin 2001 EVA Pod.

    Some resin lumps slammed together and made to behave themselves! 17 page gallery at the link below: Came out at 6 & 3/4" tall. Lights added and no interior by request. Thread pics! :)(y)
  6. Raytheon

    44" Eagle Trasnsoprter Done

    Cheers Dave, very much appreciated (y)
  7. Raytheon

    44" Eagle Trasnsoprter Done

    Many thanks for the kind words people! I'm happy with her, others seem to like her and so does the client, high fives all round methinks (y):)
  8. Raytheon

    44" Eagle Trasnsoprter Done

    I thank you most kindly. Truth to tell, always liked the Eagle design and still do. Well it still might not be the same as 'seeing it' it's about as close as one can get witrh a short video I shot, here's the link on YouTube: Eagle video Enjoy!
  9. Raytheon

    44" Eagle Trasnsoprter Done

    I thank ya muchly Ken. True enough mine is way more detailed but that was the build brief, also what happens when i'm left to my own devices and in range of the greeblie bins :)
  10. Raytheon

    44" Eagle Trasnsoprter Done

    The done and done gallery is now up on my site! 53 large res pics for yout enjoyment: For those who no click link, some reduced res pics for the photo pile. :)(y)
  11. Raytheon

    44" Eagle build...yeah another one of 'em.

    I thank you most kindly. She was a bit of a grind but worth it for the finished article methinks. Cheers muchl;y and all the best!
  12. Raytheon

    44" Eagle build...yeah another one of 'em.

    Door facia fitted on the rear. Command module wired up and fitted. Push switch installed in the top greeblie infested area, battery holder also sorted. Had top do a bit of rework on the supplied landing gear as it just went all the way to the bottom stops. The springs were just not...
  13. Raytheon

    44" Eagle build...yeah another one of 'em.

    I thank you most kindly, it is very much appreciated! And in honour of this, the final update posts as she be a done thing. In short order then... Side pods all sanded, plating and details both studio accurate and not slapped on, then primer time! Multi panel grey and white paint...
  14. Raytheon

    Motion Picture Refit Enterprise 1/350th

    And that's this one done! 33 page build log: Site gallery with 67 pics and a video: And a selection of reduced res thread pics for those who don't want to trawl through that lot :) 5 colour...
  15. Raytheon

    DeAgostini 32" Falcon Almost Out Of The Box Build Done

    Well happy new year to one and all! Finished off this one during the Christmas capers, just built with only the supplied items with the exception of the glazing for the cockpit and gun turrets as the supplied stuff was rubbish. Some 5 thou" clear sheet sorted that problem. Full paintjob, decals...
  16. Raytheon

    Moebius 2001 Moonbus with extras.

    Greetings all! Thought I'd sling this one up, completed a wee while back but what the hell. Never built the kit before now, yeah I know, shame on me and all that but this one was done with the Paragrafix photo etch and resin extras, some bought in lighting and some by yours truly. A self...
  17. Raytheon

    44" Eagle build...yeah another one of 'em.

    To get things out the way first, I honestly am not a fan of the show as such but love the design and tell it like I see it so... Got handed this build to do. Mostly one could say, it's a 'kit build' as I have a pile of pre-made parts. At least that was the idea in the beginning. Resin CM...
  18. Raytheon

    LucasFrancis SS Thunderbird 2 build...I think

    Howdo folks and folkettes! Right, not a fully public page as such, got more than just a few things to sort with the client on this build so may still happen or get canned in short order. Not sure but here it is anyway. Page 1, Kit Round Up, The Good, The Not So Good, The Bad and The Ugly...