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    Gerry Anderson B-52?

    Hey Guys, i was Just Wondering, I'm planning a Gerry Anderson style Project and was Wondering If Gerry had Ever Considered using a B-52 model in Any Episodes of Stingray,Thunderbirds,Captain scarlet or Joe 90? Think a B-52 would Work for a Gerry Anderson style Diorama? Please Respond when...
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    Gerry Anderson Inspired Interceptor

    Hey There Folks, i Recently was Doing some thinking when An Idea sprang into my Head! What do You think about Combining part of the Wings from an F-89 Scorpion to the Body of an SR-71 to Create a Super Interceptor for High Altitude Missions? That was My Idea, What Do you think? I'm Not Sure...
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    Gerry Anderson Super Drone?

    Hey Guys, I'm planning a Project using a Snaptite SR-71 Blackbird,turning it into a Super Drone. I'm Not Planning to Use the Canopy included,going to save that for Something, just Wondering if i Should Blank Out the Windscreen with Plastic Stock or What? Can Anyone Advise what Would be good...
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    Thunderbirds Recovery Vehicle RC?

    Hey Folks, a Question just hit me:Has Anyone Ever Tried to Build the REcovery Vehicle from Thunderbirds as an RC Model? i ask because it Looks like it would be Cool Model as an RC vehicle. What Do You Say? thanks For Looking. Dan
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    Space:1999 Spacecraft Launch Vehicle?

    Hey Everyone,a Question has been Bugging me For a Long,Long Time:Were there Ever Any Plans to Build a Large Space Launch Vehicle that was Similar to the Eagle,Hawk,or Swift? I've Often Wondered and Thought I'd Ask. thanks For Looking. Dan
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    Gerry Anderson Strike Fighter

    Hey Folks, a Question that's Been Bugging me Finally Gave me Reason to Post:Has Anyone Ever Considered Using the SR-71 as the Basis for a Gerry Anderson Style Strike Fighter? I'm Thinking with Some of The Aircraft the World Navy Used in Thunderbirds, it might be Workable. What Say You? Thanks...
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    Gerry Anderson Texas Tower

    Hi Guys, i was Doing some Research when a Question Hit me:Would the Texas Towers Used by The USAF During The Cold War,Work for Stingray,Thunderbirds Etc.? All you Gotta Do is Google Texas Towers USAF and You'll see what I'm Talking about! the Reason i Ask is Because a Few Buildings in Stingray...
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    Triple Hulled Submarines

    Hey Folks, a Question has Always been Bugging me, Has Anyone Ever Thought of Going 'Gerry Anderson' and Built a Triple Hulled Submarine? i know it Sounds Crazy,but with How Unusual the Ships and Subs were in Stingray,Thunderbirds,Etc. i Thought I'd Bounce it Off Everyone Here. Think it might...
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    What would work for a Helijet?

    Hey There Everyone,I'm considering Building a Helijet. I've Been Inspired by Some i've Seen Here,Onling, and while Watching Episodes of Thunderbirds,Etc. the Only Thing that is Stopping me from Trying to Build one is.... What Helicopter Model would work for a Helijet:think: Any Input would be a...
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    Does Anyone Read Fine Scale Modeler?

    Hey Folks,Just wondering If Anyone Reads Fine Scale Modeler Magazine? Planning a Dio, and if i can Get it Done, I Plan to Submit it to Fine Scale Modeler to be in their Reader's Gallery. Any Question Please Respond. Thank You. Dan
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    World Navy Carrier Model Question

    Hey Guys, can Anyone Tell me if a Model of the World Navy Carrier 'Atlantic' from the Thunderbirds Episode Atlantic Inferno has Ever Been Built? either from Scratch or might know if a Model of it is Available? Been Wondering, because I'm thinking about building a Model it and Would like to...
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    space:1999 spacecraft name Question

    Hey Guys, for Quite some time a Question has kind of Bugged me! we all know that Space:1999 has the Eagle,Hawk,Swift! have there been any other Bird names for Craft from Space:1999 that were Mentioned,Considered,or even Used that Fans Might not know of? this is a Question i felt Should be...
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    Stingray Aircraft Query

    Hey Guys, I'm planning a Project,Can anyone Tell me if UH-1N Huey would Work as a Helicopter for the WASPs from Stingray? I'm thinking about using the Huey as a Guard for a 'Seafighter' i'm planning to Build. What Say You? Thanks for looking.Dan