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  1. Jonathan E

    Big Chief Captain Scarlet/Thunderbirds action figures

    Finally got my Scott and Virgil on display.
  2. Jonathan E

    My Gerry Anderson art

    I always loved the miniature signs that accompanied the sets and thought i would have a go at recreating them. Also a couple of non canon signs.
  3. Jonathan E

    My Mk XI Hawk drawing
  4. Jonathan E

    My Eagle drawings

    Sheet 1 Sheet 2
  5. Jonathan E

    C-184 mobile heavy transporter

    C-184 Mobile heavy transporter
  6. Jonathan E

    My Skydiver drawings

    Sheet 1 Sheet 2 Sheet 3...
  7. Jonathan E

    My Zero-X drawings

    Not sure if the colour is quite right, but I'm happy with it. Dorsal view Ventral view
  8. Jonathan E

    My Explosives truck

    U57 Explosives truck Cherook penitentiary variant. U57 Convoy...
  9. Jonathan E

    My Spectrum helicopter
  10. Jonathan E

    My MSV
  11. Jonathan E

    My SPV
  12. Jonathan E

    Mission of the DarIan's publicity photos

    Recently I have found some images on my HDD from an old Joan Collins blog. They are of her as Kara but photographed on the Alpha set (Koenigs office I think) I have never been these anywhere, not even on the Catacombs site. Let me know if they have ever been posted on here and if not I will put...