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  1. Ham Salad

    Eaglemoss Space 1999 announcement

    I was disappointed that the hawk wasnt' cast metal like the eagles.
  2. Ham Salad

    Sixteen12 Announces production of the Swift

    ditto! It's about time, too!
  3. Ham Salad

    SPACE 1999: year 2 costume question-How big is the patch?

    I was working on jobbing our Year 2 security uniforms from a foreign tailor...using info from the catacombs, which is great. The probelm is, while the year 2 'security' patch is pictured...there's no way to tell the size. Does anyone knows the size of this patch?
  4. Ham Salad

    Round 2 announces Space 1999 props

    Oh, that IS a beauty. Wonder how much?
  5. Ham Salad

    New from NY!!

    " are you experienced?"
  6. Ham Salad

    Round 2 announces Space 1999 props

    Century castings does one too... Say, if what you're interested in is a costume, I also have a source for inexpensive year 2 uniforms....
  7. Ham Salad

    Round 2 announces Space 1999 props

    OK, here's the guy.Clint Young <> He also does holsters and belts.
  8. Ham Salad

    Round 2 announces Space 1999 props

    OK, but it will take a bit...have to go back and look through my oldorders from a couple years ago. I bought 2 commlocks and a laser, I think they were $30 each....
  9. Ham Salad

    Round 2 announces Space 1999 props

    Well, I understand they were metal last time, and since they seem to just be reissuing the stuff they released as product enterprise with some improvements ... On the other hand, they are BLOODY 3 MONTHS LATE!!! I am NEVER going to preorder again, they refuse to refund even when they dont'...
  10. Ham Salad

    ALIEN -Standing 'C' Deck set 1:1 (sort of)

    Not perfectly accurate as a perfect replica of a specific console, basically a pastiche of details from various c deck wall consoles in the movie...working controls include an actual test instrument from the '70s made by HP specifically designed and programmed to run test sequences for some...
  11. Ham Salad

    Round 2 announces Space 1999 props

    I preordered the 16-twelve one, supposed to have electronics....might also be metal
  12. Ham Salad

    Round 2 announces Space 1999 props

    I know a vendor that does them cheep!
  13. Ham Salad

    ALIEN -Standing 'C' Deck set 1:1 (sort of)

    A new bulkhead, and a 'working' console
  14. Ham Salad

    ALIEN -Standing 'C' Deck set 1:1 (sort of)

    The last 4 months, I added a new section and changed the end
  15. Ham Salad

    ALIEN -Standing 'C' Deck set 1:1 (sort of)

    Well, it's in a attachment to my shop, which is basically an open ended structure attached to a separate building. It could still be taken apart, as (again) its made of modular panels. Its basically my only standing set, which I expect (hope) will be used for production at some point..anyhow...
  16. Ham Salad

    ALIEN -Standing 'C' Deck set 1:1 (sort of)

    Well, some of you might remember I built a charity Halloween haunt based on 'alien'. Said organization collapsed, and since they weren't going to be storing anything I had to take the set apart and store it myself. I didnt' want to lose all the work I did building it, and that this happened...
  17. Ham Salad

    Moonbase Uniforms...supplier found!

    I have 4 Alpha uniforms of my own already, but I stumbled across one of those Chinese costume tailor on the web sites and they wierdy offered a moonabse uniform. So, I decided to see how good they did it. The only one they advertised was the 2nd season koenig uniform with the orange jacket...
  18. Ham Salad

    Richard Bailey has gone

    It is with a sense of personal (and general) loss that I must report that Blazing Builder and Amazing Orac constructor Richard Bailey has Passed away in hospital from longstanding illness. I thought he was getting better. He was a fine fellow, cheery and pleasant, and loved B7, doctor who...
  19. Ham Salad

    This years' 'ALIEN' Haunt.

    For the charity haunt this year, the big chap and the face hugger are on pneumatic rigs so they jump out at you.
  20. Ham Salad

    New UFO saucer kit...looks pretty far off

    Anybody seen this yet? I'm no expert, but the proportions look pretty off, and the demo kit looks pretty roughly built.