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  1. Richard Baker

    Real Life Fireflash

    Not an exact design copy but like the Fireflash the passengers ride in the wings instead of in a central fuselage. I think it's about time we had some really cool, futuristic airliners instead of the same old things with performance tweaks *it is the 21st century after all)...
  2. Richard Baker

    1:48 Hawk - Black Sun Models "Buteo"

    Out of Production 1:48 Scale Space 1999 Hawk from Black Sun Models, mastered by Alfred Wong Complete and unstarted, includes Decals. $155 plus shipping, PayPal only.
  3. Richard Baker

    Captain Scarlet Haynes Manual

    Another entry in the Haynes manuals for Scifi subjects. I have the Thunderbirds (classic), Star Wars Death Star & Falcon ones, along with the Star Trek Enterprise and Klingon Bird of Prey editions. These are very well done- the feature cutaway illustrations, photos and detailed history and...
  4. Richard Baker

    New Captain Scarlet on Amazon Prime

    Finally getting a chance to see this series fully instead of snippets here and there. First impressions- I do like some of the reimagined designs- Cloudbase looks good and so do the Angel fighters. I do not care much for the new Salon and the Rhino is definitely not an SPV. The characters are...
  5. Richard Baker

    New Space 1999 Kits from Round 2

    Courtesy of GreenDragon on Forum: Cult TV Man has some news from Round 2 about some new kits due before end of 2017. First up is a 1/1000th scale snap kit of DS9's USS Defiant. Rather more interesting to me is a Space 1999 1/48th Nuclear Waste Area #2! Set will include Moon...
  6. Richard Baker

    UFO Sets on 'Mindbender'

    I was watching the episode 'Mindbender' last night. While a pretty interesting show, one thing I found fascinating was seeing the filming sets from the studio point of view. My favorite was a crane pan up from the partial Moonbase Control set. looking down at the plywood and translights which...
  7. Richard Baker

    Millennium Eagle from SciFi Airshow A blend of the classic Eagle with the prototype Millennium Falcon from Star Wars (a design which was not used since it was too close the 1999 craft so they rebuilt it as the Blockade Runner) The link above is full of images on RPF...
  8. Richard Baker

    Fireball XL-7 (?) Wreckage

    There have been several time a sister ship has been destroyed in the series. I believe there was one which was already turned into small scrap and being fed into an alien automated recycling factory IIRC. The other one I remember was mostly intact and on the surface of a moon or planet- there...
  9. Richard Baker

    1/32 SPV @ Monsters In Motion A fair price for a decent scaled resin kit but it looks off to me- some details are missing and some shapes are wrong. Still, as a starting point for...
  10. Richard Baker

    Question about the Eagle 'Lab Pod'

    First off I must say I do like the Lab Pod- the only PE Eagle I own was this configuration. It is just refreshing after seeing the standard pod being called everything under the sun but having the exact same exterior (although two had different paint jobs). My question is mostly- why is this...
  11. Richard Baker

    Aoshima 1/72 Pod Vehicle Now Released

    Motorized, remote-control kit of the Recovery Vehicle from the Gerry Anderson classic Thunderbirds. Plastic model is approximately 9" long when built. Includes two electric motors and all necessary hardware. Controller (you assemble it).operates tracks (forward/reverse) and reovery probe...
  12. Richard Baker

    '5 Star 5' - the Movie that Almost Happened "Sadly many of the productions Gerry Anderson developed never made it to completion. For some the holy grail of these is Five Star Five – a movie that would have been the successor to “Space 1999″. The best way to describe the film is that it...
  13. Richard Baker

    HELP! - Need Aoshima 1/350 TB-3 Instructions

    When relocating my model stash the instruction sheet for Thunderbird 3 went missing. I am currently engraving fine panel lines into the hull and while the assembly seems straight forward, I do not want to take any chances. If anyone has the instructions and can scan them for me I would really...
  14. Richard Baker

    Now my Fiance is impressed with Thunderbirds...

    Last night we watched episode 2 (Pit of Peril) and episode 3 (City on Fire) all together in the living room. She is NOT a SciFi person, only seen a couple of episodes of TOS Trek and Firefly (loved Dr. Who though). The puppets threw her a bit- she was wondering why to go through all the...
  15. Richard Baker

    Stepson watching Thunderbirds for the first time

    Last night I showed my Stepson (10 yrs old) the classic Thunderbirds show- "Trapped in the Sky". He had seen the Frakes movie and liked it but when he saw my collection of models which looked better than the movie versions his eyes lit up. I have the Takara Thunderbird 2 1/144 scale Pod cutaway...
  16. Richard Baker

    Aoshima 1/350 TB-3 Launch Bay Kit July release - the title on the linked page mentions TB-3 and the Launch Bay, but the craft is not shown and the price seems more inline without it. Some weathering and some work lighting spots and it will make a fantastic display!
  17. Richard Baker

    TB-3 Color Question

    Halfords-Peugeot Seville looks to be a very good amtch for the right hull color, but is there any sort of color reference that might be helpful to someone living in the US? I have been going through what references I can find, a lot of images have a color shift due to media (capture, printed...
  18. Richard Baker

    Looking for a Web-Show script writer

    A new Web-Show project is under development and we are in search of a script writer. It is going to be a Retro-styled SciFi comedy- sort of a fusion of Flash Gordon, Gerry Anderson with a bit of Airplane thrown in. It will be using scaled miniatures, live action SFX and downscaled sets with...
  19. Richard Baker

    Space 1999 Eagle AWACS Pod

    This was my entry in the 'Pods-U-Like' contest held here a while back. I was not able to get a lot of good pictures at that time, I was using the company camera and bad lighting. I recently had everything out again and decided to try to take some better photos...
  20. Richard Baker

    Has anyone else preordered the 15" Aries 1b?

    This is another grail kit for me. I was just wondering if anyone else here has it on pre-order yet?