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  1. Boldman

    EXTERMINATE!!!!! 1:8 scale Comet Miniatures Dalek Mk 3

    I've been trying to find one of these kits for a reasonable price for quite some time and fianlly I managed to snag one that didn't make the wallet have palpitations. Due the excitement of getting this, I had to put the current Walrus build to one side and start this almost immediately! Its not...
  2. Boldman

    New MPC/Round 2 Carfo Eagle - build #3 for me

    New MPC/Round 2 Cargo Eagle - build #3 Last Wednesday I went to the local ParcelFarce depot to pick up my pre-order shipment from HobbyLinc. In total it cost me (including postage and HMRC ransom demand) £4 less that a well known UK SF model retailer wants for it and I've already got it instead...
  3. Boldman

    New 22" Round 2 Cargo Eagle

    Wrong Board, please ignore I started a WIP for the new Eagle Cargo but this is of course the wrong place for that... doh!
  4. Boldman

    UFO from Kits for Cash

    A couple of years ago I picked up the large scale UFO kit from Kits for Cash and its been sitting in my stash all this time. It is a resin kit with vac-formed clear acrylic domes and looks like this: Here are the "paddles" that go around the middle, these have been give a nice corrugated...
  5. Boldman

    Round 2 22" Eagle #2

    I enjoyed building my first one earlier this year so much that I bought another! You can see my earlier attempt from the start of the year here: For this build I want to ty to do something a bit more special, so there will be...
  6. Boldman

    Thunderbirds Fireflash and TB4

    Since there are comments about lack of activity, I thought I'd post my latest build here :) Its the lovely Aoshima Fireflash kit: which if course comes with the Elevator cars and runway sections which predisposes you to build the "Trapped in the Sky" diorama. However I want to do an...
  7. Boldman

    "Studio Scale" SHADO Mobile from Kits for Cash

    So I've decided its time to stop just looking at this huge box of resin and do something about it! I first heard about this kit at Telford in 2014, talking to Ian from Kits for Cash when I bought the UFO kit (which is still unbuilt :( ). Then last year they actually had it with them, it looked...
  8. Boldman

    My MPC 22" Eagle, completed!

    I put in a pre-order for this kit with Hobbylinc back in August and it finally arrived in Mid January, so I had to start it right away! its a marvellous kit, very well engineered and the second pressing of it will be even better! Anyway, here are the photos of the completed model. It has a red...
  9. Boldman

    IPMS Farnborough model show 2015, 19th Sept

    Just a reminder that the annual IPMS Farnborough Modelfest show will be held again in its usual venue on 19th September. I'll be exhibiting a lot of my Gerry Anderson models, including this year's Thunderbird 2 builds. Full details here:
  10. Boldman

    Imai 1:144 Thunderbird 2

    Back at the start of May I decided to make a start on my IMAI 1:144 Thunderbird 2 that I picked up earlier this year. This post is an amalgam of several posts I'd made on another forum so please forgive me if it comes over a bit disjointed as far as tenses are concerned! I thought I'd...
  11. Boldman

    Does anyone have good plans and/or photos of Thunderbird 2 pod interior?

    About a month ago I received this in the post from Japan which I am incredibly excited about owning needless to say: Considering its size, I have decided I'd like to build an interior to the pod, so I'm currently looking for good photos or plans for an interior for a pod. I'm not particularly...
  12. Boldman

    Thunderbirds Mole by Aoshmia

    This kit is "nominally" 1:72 scale. What is mildly amusing is that one side is pleasantly covered in decals (the side I'm showing mostly in the photos) while the other side is virtually bare! Looks liek the kit designers only had photos of one side :) This was built pretty much ot of the box...
  13. Boldman

    Thunderbird 2 launch diorama

    Finished this at the weekend but haven't had a chance to do proper photos so here is a little taster: and if we zoom in on that a bit... The LEDs in the engines are flickering one so I tried to make a movie to show this but the camera over-exposed it a bit. You can see the short clip...
  14. Boldman

    We all live in a Yellow Submarine!

    We all live in a Yellow Submarine - Bandai TB 4! So finally I can claim this to be finished! This is the Bandai Thunderbird 4 kit with a scratch built cockpit (which is almost invisible behind the windscreen and pilot. The main problem with the pilot is Gordon looks liek a midget as this kit...
  15. Boldman

    Aoshima Thunderbird 1 build

    I just can't help myself, its an addiction I tell you! So stuck in the house unable to use the shed to paint I looked through the stash to find*something*that would be fun to build. Needless to say, this appeared in my search like a hypersonic vision from the future: Obligatory Sprue Shot...
  16. Boldman

    Bandai UFO Interceptor

    Finished this a couple of weeks ago but never got around to photographing it properly. The kit is pretty straightforward and a reasonable reproduction of the original. The kit does feature a spring loaded missile but that was relatively easy to overcome. The missile itself comes with a...
  17. Boldman

    Aoshima Thunderbird 3 build

    I thought I'd share with you my next build: the new Aoshima Thunderbird 3 kit that arrived on my doorstep a couple of weeks ago. This is intended to display on the IPMS Farnborough table at Telford in November. First the box art: Now the contents: So construction is pretty simple for most...
  18. Boldman

    Imai Sky 1

    I've had this kit in my stash for a while now and decided I wanted to build something quick and - ahem - simple... foolish notion! So of course the first thing to do was throw out all the toy features and try to fix the various inn inaccuracies. So the missile pods got replace by spares from a...
  19. Boldman

    Babylon 5 Omega Class Destroyer by Warp

    This is likely to dsrupt my build schedule for this year, but I could not resist making a start! I was inspired by watching a Large Scale vacform build of a Minbari fighter on the Large Scale Planes board recently and so the credit card got a kicking and a very simple package arrived about a...
  20. Boldman

    Imai Spectrum Passenger Jet

    When I heard the sad news a couple of weeks ago, I put my current 1:32 scale Hawker Hurricane build on hold for a while and decided I had to build something to remember Gerry Anderson by. I have several Thunderbird, Captain Scarlet and Joe 90 kits in my stash, even a Warp Eagle, but for this...