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  1. Mark42

    Terrahawks Overlander build

    Happy New Year to everyone.. To see in 2016 I've just added another one of my build articles on my website here - Its an exact size copy of the 5-foot long studio model, using many of the same kit-parts and wheels... plus around 30...
  2. Mark42

    Blackpool Comic Con - Anderson Display - CANCELLED!!!

    Sorry for any people going to this event to see the mega display of Gerry Anderson props, models, puppets, and costumes...and the biggest Space: 1999 display for decades. But the latest info is that the organisers have decided to axe the display room!!!!!!!!!!!!! After sorting out the room...
  3. Mark42

    Spacehawk - studio sized reproduction

    As there are no postings in this Terrahawks section I thought that I better make an entry. So here are a few pictures of my latest model build - the Spacehawk from Terrahawks. This is an exact reproduction of the original model used in the series - made possible because I've had that model for...
  4. Mark42

    Interceptor on ebay!!!

    Check out this currently advertised on ebay. Described as a 'professionally built well-made' model of the interceptor from UFO! Whoever made this, or is selling it, obviously hasn't seen the show in a while or they need their television set adjusting, as the word hideous doesn't come close to...
  5. Mark42

    Mat Irvine Model display - Hanslope

    Anyone going to this on Nov 28th I went last year and it was a nice little event
  6. Mark42

    Space:1999 Rare recording - Lost Scenes

    A friend visited me today, wondered if I was interested in hearing any old tapes he had fround from the over-long episode of Breakaway! Yes please was my answer See - for one missing scene We had a listen to a few using an old tape machine that he had...
  7. Mark42

    Homemade Gerry Anderson - it's TME part 4

    Some of you will have seen my previous postings about my old Super-8 movie that I made back in the early 1980s. The film was inspired by a few things, such as 'Alien' and 'Thunderbirds'. However there was a big problem with my monster - you see it just could not move!! So for an alternative...
  8. Mark42

    Super-8mm Sci-Fi Epic (1980s)

    I managed to get my old Super-8 film projector working this weekend and looked at my old film reels, which date back to the early 1980s. Most of the film consists of rather crude model special effects - well actually that should be not-so-special-effects. Unfortunately the film became too big...
  9. Mark42

    Space:1999 - Replica Spacesuit Helmets

    I've not done much recently - well about a year and a bit! - so I thought I better get back to model making and finish a few projects. These are the first things to be completed and I thought it was worth a picture or two as you don't often (if ever) see three of these together. Directly copied...
  10. Mark42

    Terrahawk Modelmakers Interview

    I've just been revamping my website and have introduced an 'Interview' section. This is to make available to a wider audience the various interviews that I have done over the years which have usually appeared in the Fanderson club magazine - FAB. First up is a chat to John Lee and Steven...
  11. Mark42

    You Tube - Original Eagle 1 Today (revised)

    Thought I better post up another thread as the old one kindly put up by JL only takes you to a deleted link. The first film was really a test to see if I could do anything with my simple cheap digital camera. It seemed to come out ok, but was rather shaky and I wanted to fix it up a bit better...
  12. Mark42

    Moon Zero Two

    For those of you who are interested in the classic British film Moon Zero Two, now nearly 40 years old, I have just updated my webpage with some new info and rare behind-the-scenes photographs. See here- Above we have a young pre-Space:1999...
  13. Mark42

    Page 3 Alpha Girl

    Don't know if this is old news but I've not seen it before. While visiting a friend of mine last week I happened to be glancing through his rather large Space:1999 magazine & newspaper clippings file, amazing how often the show has been mentioned over the years in various publications. Anyway I...
  14. Mark42

    Behind the scenes Eagle 3 SFX pictures

    Thought you might like to see these, courtesy of model maker/artist Dennis Lowe, who very kindly had a rummage through his old films to look for them. Dennis worked on the show towards the end of series 2 and took these behind the scenes shots on the episode Immunity Syndrome. If you are...
  15. Mark42

    Fireball episode screening - London

    Just thought I mention this, not seen anyone else talk about it News on the Network DVD website See the colour episode without buying the DVD set and meet Gerry, if you live close to London that is.
  16. Mark42

    Barry Morse 1918-2008 - Memorial Thread

    Sad news today in that we have lost a major Space:1999 star. Barry apparently passed away yesterday after a short period of ill health. I always thought he was one of the better characters in the show and a good talker at the conventions - I remember at an early Con he was only supposed to be on...
  17. Mark42

    SPV replica finally done.

    Thought I'd stick up a picture of my latest model, its the last of what I would call the super models - Anderson models that I really want/need. I made two changes from the original, 'glass' in the headlights and a mid-sized shark fin, instead of small or massive! The crummy old Dinkys just for...
  18. Mark42

    Real Eagle SFX - Who needs CGI?

    I've never posted an image before so thought I'd give it a try. Heres one of my favourite Eagle shots I found in Phil Rae's archive. Which episode was an Eagle attacked by a space broom?
  19. Mark42

    Another CGI Eagle

    It might have been mentioned here before but I saw this on Youtube and thought it was nice. It only lasts a few seconds but theres some really nice movement on the Eagle as it takes off.
  20. Mark42

    Gerry Anderson night on BBC4

    The BBC are preparing to do some sort of Gerry Anderson themed night probably in September. We are not quite sure of what it will involve but part of the plan is a documentary that I and several other Fanderson members have been involved with. See my website...