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  1. KevinD

    Planet of the Apes wall art

    Made a plaque out of plasticard, milliput and an old bathroom tile. It is meant to represent an old piece of masonary, carrying the symbols of Gorrillas, Chimps, Orangutans and the Human astronauts.
  2. KevinD

    Thunderbird 1 launch bay

    Just finished the AIP kit of TB1 launch bay. I added a lot of details and some lights.
  3. KevinD

    Joe 90 Hover van

    A scratchbuild of one of the hover vans seen in Joe90. Always loved the design.
  4. KevinD

    Joe90 radio

    A scratchbuild of Joe's secret agent radio. The model is made from aluminium sheet over plywood.
  5. KevinD

    Liberator computer panel

    Here is my scratchbuild of one of Liberator's auxiliary computers, as seen in Redemption.
  6. KevinD

    Blake's homing beacon

    Here is my scratchbuild of Blake's little homing beacon from 'Trial'.
  7. KevinD

    Skydiver scratchbuild

    Some photos of my old Skydiver.
  8. KevinD

    Ensor's flying robot

    Here is my scratchbuild of Ensor's security robot from Orac.
  9. KevinD

    TB1 scratchbuild

    Here are some shots of my TB1 scratchbuild. Again made from plasticard and milliput.
  10. KevinD

    ZeroX scratchbuild

    Some photos of my ZeroX. I scratchbuilt this many years ago. It is a bit big to display easily.
  11. KevinD

    TB2 scratchbuild

    Thought I'd post some pictures of my TB2 scratchbuild. I have posted these before, a while ago, but most of the pictures are long gone. The model was made from plasticard and milliput.
  12. KevinD

    Camberwick Green Mr. Dagenham

    Just finished the salesman Mr. Dagenham. His car was a repurposed Sindy car.
  13. KevinD


    Here are some shots of my Matt Smith era cybermat scratchbuild. It is radio controlled but doesn't go quickly enough, so I need a rebuild at some point.
  14. KevinD

    Dalek Sec scratchbuild

    Here are some random pictures of my dalek scratchbuild. He doesn't get out much because he's a big lump!
  15. KevinD

    K9 scratchbuild

    Here are some pictures of my full size, radio controlled K9 scratchbuild. He even got to meet John Leeson!
  16. KevinD

    Airfix Hawk

    Here are some pictures of my ancient Airfix Hawk, just for the fun of it.
  17. KevinD

    Detonator from Countdown

    A scratchbuild of the bomb detonator that Avon and Del Grant defuse.
  18. KevinD

    Liberator life rocket

    A little scratchbuild of the Liberator life rocket as seen in early season 3.
  19. KevinD

    Avon's satnav from Terminal

    A scratchbuild of the little direction finder that Avon uses then casually tosses aside in Terminal.
  20. KevinD

    The Herbs Parsley

    Here is my scratchbuild of Parsley the lion from The Herbs. He is articulated to a certain extent.