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  1. Glazy

    Blake's 7 - Blake Flyer

    Currently doing my own take on the Flyer seen in a ‘Blake’ it was only seen in the one shot (see screengrab), and from what I can tell editorially the one we see is the flyer with Avon, Villa, Soolin and Danya in, the studio miniature has 4 figures in it. So mine will be a variant, the one with...
  2. Glazy

    Alien 3 Project

    These are some photos of my work I've been doing as part of a degree course, my project was based upon a rejected script for 'Alien III' by David Twohy, for the project besides design work I built a set wall, a flamethrower converted from a super soaker, a mining ship miniature and a CG Space...
  3. Glazy

    Retro Cinefex

    Made these for a bit of fun covering films that Cinefex never did an article on, and then doing some really old back issues too !! Posted them on the Practical Effects Group on Facebook and had a lot of response !!
  4. Glazy

    Gingerbreed Spaceship

    In 2007 I built this Russian spaceship based on the 'Hammer and Sickle' emblem for a sci-fi comedy film called Gingerbreed. The film is still in production by the guys who run FX company Hifi 3D, and they're releasing a trailer soon to try and secure funding to help finally complete the movie. I...
  5. Glazy

    Sinner Helmet - Recent Project

    I made this helmet for a recent college project, the concept behind it is a helmet worn by sinners who are put to hard labour on a hostile planet in a far flung dystopian future. Included here are some of my concepts, construction of the mask and stand and some pics of the final mask.
  6. Glazy

    My CG Blake's 7 stuff

    Here are some of the CG Blake's 7 items etc... I have made over the years, the Clip Gun and season 4 bracelet were used on the DVD menu's for series 4, the white teleport bracelet is based on Ian Scoones' original design.The London I've posted on these boards before, and still needs finishing...
  7. Glazy

    Ressurection of the Daleks miniatures

    Does anyone know if there are decent size photos of the actual shooting miniatures of the ships used in Ressurection of the Daleks ?!
  8. Glazy

    Sad news about Gerry Anderson From BBC NEWS !! :(
  9. Glazy

    Favourite Spaceships from TV and Film

    These are in no real particular order but below are my 10 favorite TV show spaceships, ships I consider design classics, and I'm sure most would agree, although I think I may have trouble convincing some of my choice with the 'Seeker' from Space Academy/Jason of Star Command, but I've always...
  10. Glazy

    The Iron Man

    Here's a recent model I've made based on the Ted Hughes book The Iron Man I used an assortment of junk, cardboard,plastic etc... to make this figure. There's a vid I shot of it linked below.
  11. Glazy

    The Ortega

    Started building this CG model a few years ago, need to finish the cockpit and some external surface details.Not a great deal of reference for this ship from the episode 'Mission to Destiny' I've got one Martin Bower picture of the model, the original Ian Scoones concept illustration and some...
  12. Glazy

    Federation Pursuit Ship - Alternate Versions

    I'm planning on building a Studio Scale size Federation Pursuit Ship based on a series of alternate designs that I've done over the years, the two illustrations I did back in 2000, the low poly model I made in 2003 and the Pulsar Class ship around 2006 in 3DS Max. This is the design that I'll...
  13. Glazy

    Blake's 7 - The London

    I'm currently building a CG model of The London from Blake's 7 and was wondering if anyone has any good reference pics of the underside detail, I've seen a few pics on the forum of the studio model at an exhibition but wondered if anyone had any more ? Here's what I've made so far, it's not a...