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    Here's your chance to own a 44

    ATTENTION ALPHANS! Would you believe a full 1/24 scale 44" screen accurate Eagle model kit from Round 2/MPC might be produced for only $400? Jamie Hood of Round 2 is asking a commitment of 5000 customers to want one and will start a Crowdfunding Campaign to get this project started. He reported...
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    Eagle Print

    Hi everyone :) I had an idea to commission Chris to do a painting of an Eagle for me/ my Space 1999 Collection. It's coming along very nicely and several other members have asked to obtain a copy/print. This may be a limited and signed (to avoid copying) but it all depends on the interest. This...
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    1/24 Scale 44" Spine Booster Tank resin set

    Hi everyone, I built the tanks for my own Spine Booster and thought it would be a good idea making resin cast of them available to others. The cast tanks, styrene, kit parts and decals that have arise from my build has certainly made it enjoyable and easier to build. Each of the 4 tanks has...
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    Mr. Martin Bower Glider Commission

    I bought a commission from Martin several years ago to build me the Glider. First, he's an incredible gentleman and an incredible model builder. He has built so many sci-fi models for so many shows and has often helped members on this site with their builds either by providing advice, pics or...
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    My 44" 1/24 Spine Booster scratch build

    I wanted to build the 1/24 studio scale Spine Booster but the problem with this build was that the Spine Booster appears in only a few frames of the first episode of season 2, called "The Metamorph". If I understand the story correctly, the original studio Spine Booster was built Nick Allder...
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    My 44" (Lee Malone) Nuclear Waste Containers

    I could've and would've built these myself...but I got so much on my list to do I'm just grateful there's still a few sellers out there making things for the 44. This is the latest offering by Lee/George. Contact them thru facebook or email if interested. These are quite simple, paint...
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    Recognize the decal?

    Does anyone recognize the black quarter round decal on the small tank? I searched all the decals sheets for the models used in the Spine Booster but it's not one of them. I would bet it came from a Tamiya kit:thumbup:
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    My 44" (Lee Malone) Cargo pod

    Here's the latest from Rogue Studio. Contact Lee for price and availability. From what I've been hearing, Nuke drums and Freight pods are just some of the things on the way. The Cargo Pod is a pretty easy build. It also came with 4 beautifully shined up...
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    Please fix indexing

    I've reported this before and I don't believe it's been fixed. A number of members have been asking me where my 44" Eagle build thread was as they couldn't find it. When you do a find ALL threads by richardlamer, it does not come up...
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    Happy Labour Day :)

    Well, it rained here for most of it which kept me warm and dry and building away in my room. :D
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    My 44" (Lee Malone Eagle) build

    As promised, I'm beginning my build thread now that I've received the parts from Lee. For this Eagle build, I opt for Lee's resin cages and with his brass spine. Here's pics of the boxes of stuff I received. Just overwhelming. The cast are clean, crisp and air bubble free...
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    LF: Bowerhouse magazine 1,2 & 3

    Anybody no longer want these I'd be interested... Thank you,
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    FDW mixture

    I haven't used a 2 part paint before. For those who have used FDW I'd like to know some of your experiences with it. I managed to get some FDW off Ebay. I was surprised it didn't get stopped at customs. It appears creamier and not as bright as the bright white (Trimclad/Rust-Oleum) I was...
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    Glider Decals

    My 44" glider is coming along. I was wondering if anyboday can help me identify the different types and scale of decals I can use for it. The pictures at catacombs aren't clear enough to identify them but they do describe them...
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    I have not seen this before

    Barbara Bain and Martin Landau sing together - When I was small :cry: may as well add this one too :)
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    Error in DP/CT Blueprints?

    Going over the blueprints, I noticed the front Landing pods have 2 little round thrusters (top/back side) while the back pods only have the 1 (top only), is this correct for this Eagle and when did it change to have 2 little round thrusters on both? Also, I saw a pic somewhere which DX-SFX...
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    Alpha Con Burbank CA Sep 14-16

    Everyone know about this? More info at their website:
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    Who makes 44'' Flatbed Nuclear Waste pod

    Hi all, Anyone make/cast an accurate flatbed with or without Nuclear Waste Pods to fit the Daniel Prud'homme/Chris Trice blueprint S1 Eagle?? Send price via PM and pics if you have some. Price with and without canisters as I may have another source for the canisters. It would be nice in alum...
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    44'' Eagle Headcount

    I'm curious to know who out there: A. IS CURRENTLY BUILDING A 44'' 1. richardlamer 2. 3. B. CURRENTLY OWNS 1 OR MORE 44'' 1. 2. 3. C. DOES'NT YET OWN A 44'' BUT IS THINKING ABOUT BUILDING ONE 1. 2. 3.
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    Season 1 Eagle Pencil and Paint markings

    I would like to make my Eagle accurate to Season1 (CT/DP blueprints Eagle). Does anyone have ref or pictures that detail the pencil marks and different colored shapes on the landing pods, CM, Passenger pod and engine tanks? I looked at David Sisson restoration pics and was wondering if the...