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  1. Transporter

    CM Seat

    I am looking for the thread by somebody who 3d printed an Eagle CM (dentist) chair. Can anybody help? Thanks! :)
  2. Transporter

    Captain Scarlet Moon Hopper

    I recently finished this UNCLE Captain Scarlet Moon Hopper. The setting was achieved by cutting several A4 prints from screen grabs. Adding a layer for the background, one for the moonscape mountains, one for the buildings and a landing surface led to a nice scenery with a 3D effect, much like a...
  3. Transporter

    Dremel experience

    I am in need of a new "Dremel"-like tool. Right now, I am looking at a Dremel Stylus. Do any Alphans on this forum have any experience with this tool? Pros and Cons? Thank you. Ron
  4. Transporter

    88" CM shells interest check

    I am thinking of organising some 88" Eagle CM shells. Cost per set around 100£ / 160US$. Anybody interested? Cheers Ron
  5. Transporter

    Real Space Mission Logs

    Might be interesting for some of us...:)
  6. Transporter


    I just received my first Major Matt Mason figure (Doug Davis) after 44 years. Really a good childhood memory. :thumbup: Are there any collectors of this Mattel toy series here? (Jim Lewis for instance? :D) And is it true that a Major Matt Mason figure was used in UFO?
  7. Transporter

    Aries 1-B – another incredible papercraft model

    Another incredible free papercraft has just been published by "uhu" :thumbup:. Here is the link: I hope to see a huge version in scale to a 44" Eagle by somebody of the forum soon! :O
  8. Transporter

    Most awkward alien

    I was watching the Square Triangle today after so many years and realised that the Alien was so awkward, I couldn't believe it: First he got himself bitten by a german shepherd dog, then he broke the glass of his helmet (the aliens are able to produce craft like a ufo but are not able to make...
  9. Transporter

    Moon Carpet

    This really is a cool carpet. Does anybody have an idea, who produces these? Found it by incidence on the web...
  10. Transporter

    Moon Buggy Racing

    Just found this. Imagine having a moon buggy racing on the moon....:D ...and some of the amphicats almost really looked like racing cars
  11. Transporter

    James May's 1/1 scale Airfix Spitfire

    Just saw this on youtube. A pity James May did not choose to build the Airfix Eagle...(well, of course after consulting us for accuracy...) ;)
  12. Transporter

    New Swiss Science Fiction called "Cargo"

    A new Swiss - yes Swiss :O - Sience Fiction movie has its world premiere tonight in Switzerland. The movie is called "Cargo" and to me the trailer looks a lot like the original Alien. But decide for yourself. All I can say is that skyfullofstars an me were not involved...:D...
  13. Transporter

    Thunder in Paradise Boat

    I am looking for good pics of the boat from the Disney production "Thunder in Paradise" with Hulk Hogan and Chris Lemon. Especially the closed version of the boat is really cool and I am thinking of a modelling project. Any ideas to what happened to the real prop? Can anybody help? Thanks Ron
  14. Transporter

    Another Paper Eagle (easier but still cool)

    Another paper Eagle has been released. It is not as accurate as the big one we have seen, but it is also very nice and much easier to build. Click here for the website of Michael James.
  15. Transporter

    New James Bond museum

    From A new James Bond museum is scheduled to open on April 5th, 2009 in Keswick. On display will be an impressive collection of James Bond memorabilia and vehicles including several Lotus cars. Press release follows below: An exciting new museum will open in the Lake...
  16. Transporter

    UFO Alien Gito Santana Event from

    The Italian Website has pictures of their recent event with Gito Santana who played the most famous alien from the series UFO. Inteview with Gito Santana by the Swiss Italian TV station RSI...
  17. Transporter

    Weight of original 44" Eagles

    It is my intention to build a light weight 44" Eagle. Therfore I am wondering how much the original 44" Eagles weigh. This is probably more a question for DX-SFX and of course Mark42. My Eagle wont have to crash on a moonscape and so there is no need to make it as strong and so heavy like Eagle...
  18. Transporter

    Landing lights

    Did anybody try to make the landing lights on a 44" or a 22" Eagle?
  19. Transporter

    Paper Discovery anybody...???

    Looks like fun... Just scroll down the page a little bit.
  20. Transporter

    Falcon Bithdaycake

    Wow, incredible! I wish something like this would be my next birthdaycake.. ...could somebody please make an Eagle instead of this beautyful birthdaycake??? You should have enough time until May...:D