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  1. w8cmp

    Tony Barnes - R.I.P.

    For those who knew Tony Barnes, I have the very sad task of advising that he passed away his morning while in hospital. Not sure of the details yet, but they will be made available in due course. Tony went to A&E yesterday, and his last Facebook post at about midnight said: "Been in A&E for...
  2. w8cmp

    Chris Potter - Finished Eagles

    For those interested, I have updated the thread on my completed 44" Eagle to include some photos of my second Eagle, now completed. The first was essentially built from a Jim Small kit of parts, with Bill Oram's carbon fibre and resin spine. The second one is fully brass, fibreglass, perspex...
  3. w8cmp

    Vickers Vigor x 2 Mint models on Ebay now !

    Item No: 130555759396 Seller: Federation (sounds familiar ???) based in Calgary in Canada. 1 current bid at £1,000 for the two...finishing soon
  4. w8cmp

    George Lucas fails to sue replica costume maker Very interesting case this one...
  5. w8cmp

    Warp Models Side Boosters

    Just thought I'd share a few pics of some of the side booster builds I'm doing. Have built 5 sets for customers, and believe you me I have ended up cross-eyed after some marathon painting and decalling sessions in miniature. I had intended to get them all finished before my holiday, but I...
  6. w8cmp

    IPMS Southern Expo, Hornchurch, Essex - 19th / 20th March

    Hornchurch Sports Centre Harrow Lodge Park Hornchurch Road Hornchurch Essex RM11 1JU 10am to 5pm Saturday 10am to 4pm Sunday I will be there on the Saturday...adjourning to the pub for lunch and a good chat afterwards :thumbup:
  7. w8cmp

    Building the 44" Passenger Pod (Paul Gray version)

    Having spent most of today on 12" side booster build-ups, I left them to dry and moved on to my recently delivered Paul Gray 44" Passenger Pod. At 2.5kg it's not insubstantial, but is a beautifully machined piece. Machining however has left a few internal radii with a slight curve, so I first...
  8. w8cmp

    IPMS Scale Modelworld - Telford 13/14 November 2010

    So are we going to have our usual gathering on the Saturday at Telford this year ? I'll be there as usual from about 10am looking around the show, and then lunch and drinks in the pub around the corner afterwards until the evening. Who's going to be coming along this year ? Chris
  9. w8cmp

    Second 44" Eagle - Here we go again !

    Well today marked the start of the first steps towards construction of my second 44" Eagle. :yes: :D Having recently completed my first 44" Eagle, and learned an awful lot about the craft / model, I'm now developing my skills and building the second which will have a soldered framework with a...
  10. w8cmp

    Model Display at Fanderson Convention 23/24 October 2010 - Bristol

    I have volunteered my services to co-ordinate the model display room at the Fanderson convention to be held on October 23/24 in Bristol. I already have a few offers of items for display from people here, but would anyone else on the forum who is going to the convention be willing to offfer...
  11. w8cmp

    44" Eagle build by Chris Potter (w8cmp)

    Moving on from the build thread I thought I'd post some pics of my finished 44" Eagle on its display base with some of my other collection at a recent local model exhibition... For the last three images I would like to thank DX who kindly photographed the model in a studio environment...and...
  12. w8cmp

    CM Clamps - what size brass strip

    I have made some CM clamps from brass channel for my 44" build, but am having difficulty identifying / obtaining the required brass strip to secure the tube part of the assembly to the front frame section. I estimate this is 1/8" or about 3mm wide and is wrapped around the frame and clamp...
  13. w8cmp

    IPMS Southern Expo 2010 - Hornchurch - 20th/21st March

    Just an early heads up that the IPMS Southern Expo 2010 is due to take place at the Hornchurch Leisure Centre on 20th / 21st March this year. I hope to be there on the Saturday, but could do Sunday if that's what the majority can do, and would be very pleased to meet up with any forum members...
  14. w8cmp

    Side Boosters Now Available - Last Chance to Order

    :D GOOD NEWS !!! :D I have been advised that the first 10 side booster kits are done and ready to ship to me from Warp. At least twenty five kits will be set aside for Forum members... If the demand is greater then priority will be given to Forum members. The kits will be available...
  15. w8cmp

    Mat Irvine's Hanslope Model Show (near Milton Keynes)

    Mat Irvine is co-hosting a model show / kit swap event in his home town on Sunday 29th November where he will have his collection of original props and models on display. Details here Anyone going ? I'm thinking of popping up there for a look... Chris
  16. w8cmp

    Fanderson Convention 22nd to 24th October 2010 - Bristol, UK

    Fanderson have announced their next convention TV21: Adventure in the 21st Century is to be held at the Ramada Jarvis Hotel in Bristol, UK from Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th October 2010. So who's planning to go then ? :yes: Plenty of time to save up...:thumbup:
  17. w8cmp

    Commlock Build Thread

    Right guys, Several of you have received the new kit from Propmaker, so I thought I'd kick the build thread off by bringing together what we know to date. This is the kit as received. First things first, the main resin blocks need a gentle rub down to remove any small high spots etc and...
  18. w8cmp

    44" Eagle - the journey begins at last - NEARLY COMPLETE NEW PICS

    Well thanks to pjskeldon, I am now the proud owner of the constituent parts to make my first 44" Eagle :yes: I have unpacked it all and have the main parts as follows: CM - SAW resin cast of DX's fibreglass nosecone. Comes assembled as one unit, so needs the rear cut off the CM and some...
  19. w8cmp

    Collision Course Nuke - CP's Build

    I've started my own thread on this little beauty, so as not to hijack JD's build thread... Here's how my two look as of this evening: After initially priming and painting the models in 'Rover Blaze' I decided it was too dark. I dug out my own photos of the original model, and mixed up my own...
  20. w8cmp

    IPMS Southern Expo 2009 - 14th / 15th March

    Just an early heads up that the IPMS Southern Expo 2009 is due to take place at the Hornchurch Leisure Centre on 14th / 15th March this year. I can't make the Saturday, but shall certainly be there on Sunday 15th, and would be very pleased to meet up with any forum members on the day as usual -...