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  1. Stu73


    Thought this may be of interest to some of you... A petition for ITV to consider a new series...
  2. Stu73

    old airfix Eagle

    Anybody got an old airfix Eagle (that they dont need themselves) that needs a good home? Only requirements are that it has landing pads/feet
  3. Stu73

    Eagle tank

    For purposes of my planning and possible future purchase, is there anywhere/anyone recommended that can build an Eagle type laser tank, that would be equipped with remote control for movement?
  4. Stu73

    Lost postings

    Just checking back through my history on this board, and have noticed that some of the posts I have put on threads seem to have disappeared... very strange. :think:
  5. Stu73

    A Quinn Martin Production

    I just finished watching The Invaders season 1. I remembered it from when I was a kid of 10 years. Was actually better than I thought it'd be. Any one else here like the Invaders?
  6. Stu73

    Paint help

    hi all, I was wondering if anyone could help me with paint- I was currently doing a replica helmet which needed to be sprayed black, so after speaking to a guy that works in B&Q, I was given Plastikote gloss black. There was some paint already on the helmet, which was halfords automotive, but...
  7. Stu73

    Space:1999 Game

    don't know if many or any of you are aware of this but has a Eagle 2-d shooter/scroller to download (well, it has the link anyway):thumbup:
  8. Stu73

    help needed

    Okay guys, your advice on remving labels with lighter fluid was spot on! Thanks to all who helped. However, I have a situation that I simply cannot get round. I have to make 'windscreens' for buses (that were sold with no windows at all) and cant work out what to do to get clear sheeting to fit...
  9. Stu73

    Gummy labels

    Hi guys 'n girls, a wee quick question for you as I am stuck. I have a toy bus that I am trying to customise and I need to remove the labels, but they are like super gummy and DON'T come off. Tried (dont know why) nail polish remover but that didn't work. The gum seems stronger than the paint...
  10. Stu73

    Dont know if you've seen this

    ...but I found this by accident. :lol:
  11. Stu73


    New trailers at Youtube. Look for 'stumyu' enjoy, Stu
  12. Stu73

    The Ultimate Model of choice...

    ... has to be simple. It has to be elegant, but menacing. It has scale, depth and can come in any colour as long as it is black... is 1x4x9 Anybody had the guts to model this badboy???
  13. Stu73

    Prop outfits

    We all know there are Trekkies with their jumpers, and Imperial Stormtroopers with blasters and armour, but does any one here have an interest in prop outfit?I seen an Iron Man costume made from resin pieces and it looked awesome. Problem is, only Tony Stark could have afforded it!
  14. Stu73

    Electroluminescent material

    Obviously people have incorporated lights and LEDs with and without the use of fibre-optics for some time now, but has anyone ever used EL products? I heard that the thin film products can be cut and shaped... Has anyone here had any experience of using these things in their models?
  15. Stu73

    XXX Probeship

    I've got a spare SAW CM, and I was thinking about doing an original piece. I was wondering if any of you could suggest some parts to make an original Probe ship? Maybe kit parts, household things, greeblies, deedlies etc... :)
  16. Stu73

    Hawk VTOL thrusters

    Gawd damm my clumsy ass! I've only gone and lost the thruster cluster(tm) for the bottom of my RU Hawk. Can anyone suggest what I could replace them with, or at least point me in the direction of a reputable company that makes them? I had them all in a clear poly bag, and 2 months later, hey...
  17. Stu73

    War Games

    OK, so we know that the Hawks and 'Bomber' in this episode were meant to be illusional, to tell the Alphans to stay clear. So if the Hawks were images of Earth craft, then it might follow that the Bomber was also Earth technology too. Comments please?
  18. Stu73

    What if

    Imagine if Season 3 had been made, and the occupants of Alpha Moonbase came across the planet where the UFOs came from...
  19. Stu73


    For anyone who is interested, Jeff Wayne's The War of the Worlds will be touring again next year- on the 30th Anniversary... I'd recommend it. It's a great live show. ;)
  20. Stu73

    Space Brain...

    A shot from Space Brain II or... just routine maintenance on the Eagle fleet! :)