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  1. Dorzac

    New Documentary: UFO 2 Space 1999

    Just watched this doc on YouTube by Chris Dale about the journey that was taken from end of UFo to the start of Space 1999, thought it was quite good! Some of the clips inserted as closing segments for each narrated section are quite funny as well ... How the Cancelled UFO Series 2 Became...
  2. Dorzac

    Gerry Anderson Night on Twitter - Network Live Stream

    Just had an email about a Gerry Anderson Night live HD stream on Twitter from Network, starts at 7pm Tonight, cost £4.99 tho ...
  3. Dorzac

    Big Finish Thundebrirds Story - Terror From The Stars

    Audio story, coming May 2021
  4. Dorzac

    Big Finish Audiobooks - Space 1999 coming Sept 2019
  5. Dorzac

    Rutger Hauer RIP Huge fan of BR, and I think it was his Roy Batty character that contributed so much to it. "All those moments .. will be lost .. in time ... like tears ... in the rain ..."
  6. Dorzac

    Thunderbird 2 Ride :lol:
  7. Dorzac

    Build The Terminator Part-Work Looks like it will be well impressive, but 120 issues at £8.99 an issue .... that's even more than the DeAgostini TB2...
  8. Dorzac

    Thunderbirds - The Imposters

    Today, whilst at work and having a laugh with my colleagues, I called one of them a dillon, which I've always assumed was something similar to an idiot, and a word I've often used. Because I'm in my 50's and most of the others in their 30's, I sometimes use phrases and words they don't know, and...
  9. Dorzac

    Sixteen12 UFO Diecast Early 2019 ...

    On an email I recently received from Sixteen12 regarding my Eagle Freighter order, they stuck this on the end ... :clap: :yes:
  10. Dorzac

    Captain Scarlett Box Set from Big Finish
  11. Dorzac

    Terrahawks coming to blu-ray

    Just been on the Network site; received a pop up movie clip similar to what they did to advertise the UFO Blu-ray release a few months back ...
  12. Dorzac

    Planet Replicas Thunderbirds 50th Anniversary Gun Prop

    I received my Fanderson issue the other day, and attached was a Zavvi flyer for the Brains Day Of Disaster replica watch. On the other side was this advert by the same company for the item below ... thought it might arouse some interest, no info on the company website at present ...
  13. Dorzac

    New UFO Restoration Blu-Ray on its way from Network ... Should get a UFO clip pop-up if you go to home page ...
  14. Dorzac

    Zavvi Official Thunderbirds 50th Anniversary Collectors Box 1000 Ltd Run

    Zavvi Official Thunderbirds 50th Anniversary Collectors Box 1000 Ltd Run and Watch Whats inside!? Who knows! Could have designed it as a pod tho ... What contents would we...
  15. Dorzac

    Kickstarter Project - Thunderbirds 1965

    Anyone seen this? Hope it gets off the ground! Edit: Ahh, just seen the same thread in the Control Room, my bad :\
  16. Dorzac

    Network - The Lost Worlds Of Gerry Anderson

    Released 30/03/2015
  17. Dorzac

    DeAgostini Millenium Falcon 1:1 Model part work build from ESB Movie Prop. Anyone seen this? Although not a big Star Wars fan, am tempted to collect this, is a pretty big build (808mm long, 596mm wide and 192mm high), just wonder how many issues it will take to complete!
  18. Dorzac

    With A Little Help From My Friends - Dementai Ad 1:07 ... :) Edit: Damn - spelt dementia wrong :/
  19. Dorzac

    What Adhesive Should I Use ...

    Hi, I'm not a model maker by any means (unless you count my Airfix kits from the early 80's! :D ) but i was wondering if someone could recommend me a good adhesive for repairing a couple of collectible figures I've got. In both cases its the plastic parts that need re-attaching (plastic to...
  20. Dorzac

    Thunderbids Are Go/Thunderbird 6 Soundtrack Release (Ltd Edition 1200)

    Heads Up!