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    Original small Gwent model

    I thought you might like to see these photographs of the original small Gwent model. I bought it from collector Phil Rae in the early eighties, and it was in reasonable condition with just a bit of studio wear and tear and a couple of the legs and blocks being loose. There was a removable panel...
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    MPC 22'' Eagle Transporter kits for sale

    I have three 22’’ Round 2 / MPC Eagles for sale. Boxes are unopened. £118.00 each + postage - about £10.00 in the UK
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    Alien Blue-ray screen captures

    I came across this great site whilst on the Propsummit web site last week, Almost the entire film has been screen captured (3538 frames) and some of the images are amazing. There is detail visible in some of the...
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    Original 44’’ Eagle Cargo Pod for sale

    Hi Guys, My collection has three 1999 items. 1. Cargo Pod, 44’’ Original condition Paint is all original Small section of Perspex side rail is broken and one of the attachment brackets is missing - studio damage One original engine and three replicas fitted 2. Small section of Alpha...
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    How to vac form a Stormtrooper helmet

    Just found this link on one of my plastic suppliers sites; It's by Andrew Ainsworth who produced the original costumes for the films.
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    Hanger display for PE 22'' Eagle

    Proposal My three PE 22’’ Eagles in one large hanger diorama on permanent display in the study. Requirement Understanding wife who will vacate her side of the study and remove her clutter. Reality Never going to happen – ever! She’s assured me.:cry: Conclusion Make the best of what I’ve got...
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    1:12 scale Moon Buggy

    Hi all, I'm currently building a large scale Moon Buggy. I've based it on the one which is in scale with the 44'' Eagle - but twice as large. It measures around 235mm long (9.25'') x 150mm wide (6''). The materials I'm using are resin model board, Perspex and styrene . Question, does anyone...