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  1. joeb

    Need new body filler

    I need to do a lot of body filling but I don't want to use Bondo or the like. I would like something that can be worked like modeling clay but cures like Milliput and has a long open time. Also it should be durable and sand and take primer and paint well because it will be part of the final...
  2. joeb

    Mold making tutorial

    Richardlamer made a couple of inquiries about how I make molds so I thought I'd reply with a new thread since it's a bit off topic from the Moon Bus. I put this little tutorial together a long while ago for another forum. The numbers on the pictures don't mean anything anymore and there may be...
  3. joeb

    Scratch built SS 2001 Moon Bus

    Hi everyone, I thought I'd start sharing progress shots of my latest build, a studio scale Moon Bus from 2001. I've been working on this, almost continuously, for about two years now. I started by making molds and casting copies of the many kit parts that detail the hull. Then I went on to the...
  4. joeb

    Joeb's college portfolio

    Here are some some pictures of the work I did when I was at college between '83 and '85. The blaster has a red strobe light mounted in the front so it can “fire”. The phaser 1 also “fires” a LED, the round dial turns on the pilot LED on the top and activates the meter. The sub has an interior...
  5. joeb

    Joeb's 44" scratch-built Eagle

    I posted an intro up in the Commander's Office. Here are some shots of my 44” Eagle. I finished it a couple of years ago after starting it back in 02. It's entirely scratch built except for the nose cone (Chris Trice) and all of the engine bells ( Jim Small). Thanks to both of them. The details...