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  1. Interceptor6

    Parts Search HELP!

    Hi Gang, I've been playing a bit on the Replica Props Forum, and have been working on a replica of Warehouse 13's Tesla gun. We've got the frame and tubes covered, and will probably be scratch building the main brass body, but I'm hoping someone here can ID the componant used for the"trigger"...
  2. Interceptor6

    1965 Revell Gemini 1/24 Kit

    :(Just trashed the transmission in the wife's car this week, so will be selling a few things on Flea-bay to get some cash up. One is a 1965 Revell Gemini 1/24 Spacecraft Model Kit, pre started and perfect for kit bashing! Astronauts included!:thumbup...
  3. Interceptor6

    Image attachments

    Did it work?....
  4. Interceptor6

    Tiger Joe Tank Body Panel Pics

    Several Anderson vehicles use various parts from Reading's Tiger Joe Tank. I thought it would be easier to reference pics for "parts matching" if they had their own thread. Sorry for the "non-metric" measures, I'll try to find a "proper" measure for you Brits!:roll:
  5. Interceptor6

    Gerry Anderson meets Johnny Lightning?

    Stopped by the local BIG LOTS store today, to check out the back stock of older Hot Wheels cars for my grandson (yeah, sure!) and stumbled on this Johnny Lightning AREA 51 Ford Fairlaine patrol car. Oddly enough, the UFO pic on the package looks familliar..:think: The back of the package has a...
  6. Interceptor6

    New Tiger Joe with splined wheels!

    So who was I bidding against on the auction last night? I figure no one but you lot would run a beater tank over $80!:rant: I need two sets of the splined wheels for my projects, if anyone else is interested in a set pm me. Jeff