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    Shame Rimmer sadly died
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    Brit Sci fi Congratulations your posters are ACE

    & whats more you probably would sell loads of these posters at the event methinks
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    Today at Bonhams

    From your favourite roving reporter Thunderbirds are go portrait poster £220 not including fees 2 x Thunderbirds posters landscape £400 not including fees (bargain) 13 x Space 1999 scripts £500 (absolute bargain)
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    Will I be crucified for saying this

    We've seen colourised black & white episodes But has any bright spark out there in the tv world or at Network Thought of bringing out 1 episode of any of the puppet series with the strings edited out Just a bit of fun Nice to see it at a convention
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    UFO Italian 16mm Reel for sale

    Hi I have a reel of UFO 16mm film Its from 1 of the UFO italian films (made up of segued episodes) Condition of the film cells is not brilliant as film stock changes colour over the years But this is mega rare Gauging interest here I would want offers of £200 plus which includes UK postage & a...
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    Incredible Anderson fans

    This fella in my opinion is incredible See what he made
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    Alan Shubrook's new publication

    Alan Shubrook has released a new publication Its a 16 page colour booklet full of anecdotes & unreleased pic's from his time working on Thunderbirds & the other shows It's available by contacting for a copy It's £7.50 inc 1st class postage to UK £9.50 inc postage to...
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    Thunderbird's on Flog it BBC1

    Its bugging me There is a programme on bbc 1 called flog it & someone told me rare thunderbird models were sold on it in last weeks edition Have I been misinformed Did anyone see it ?
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    Supercar Garage kit

    Hi I want to sell this rare large Supercar kit on ebay except not sure who made it, or when it was released & I don't have the instructions Can anyone scan them for me & I can offer something for this service I know it did originate from Comet miniatures Thank you Larry
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    For sale UFO 35mm film reel

    For sale UFO 35mm film reels In Italy they made up UFO Movies from segued episodes They are in Italian & the filmcells have gone pink Offers ?
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    Portsmouth Sci-Fi & Toy Fair

    I went to the Timeless collectors TV FILM SCI FI & TOY FAIR at Southsea Portsmouth on sunday to display some of my models & my eyes popped out of my head I met this model maker who had about 20 models displayed his name was NEIL MORRISON & his email is This fella had a...