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  1. Lt. Dyson

    U.F.O. Shado Accustic Gun

    Started new build was always fascinated from the Shado Accustic Gun began with a plan, i used a Colt 1911 for the major scale since i had no idea how big the real prop was. The parts were cut from wood, later i want to change the Silencer with an aluminum one. Grips will be made from...
  2. Lt. Dyson

    Hints and Info about Scrachbuilding a full Size Orac

    Hello Fellow Rebels :D im looking forward for Info about the full size Orac, i already started collecting some parts but still need more Information about him. so far i got an almost finished Key (big THANKS to MoonbaseAlpha Andy :thumbup:) the main Measurements of Orac too and also got...
  3. Lt. Dyson

    Info about X5 Computer Panels

    Hi everyone Im looking for Information about the X5 Computer Panels that were used in Season 1. I already looked up the Info here, in the Catacombs and also found some Information on David Sission's Site (How to decorate :clap:) Already bought some MDF for the Panels and Construction Wood for...
  4. Lt. Dyson

    My Little B7 Collection

    Hello just wanted to share some pics of my B7 stuff im building and also wanted to thank everyone here for sharing necessary information and pics of the original props that helped a lot of building them. First is a Federation Trooper Rifle (prefinished and finished) stay tuned...
  5. Lt. Dyson

    My Latest Space 1999 related work

    Hi everyone i recently had some time and so i started building some of my Resin Models here now are some Pics of them starting with the Warp Eagle (after getting totally nuts because of the crazy clean up work of the Spine and Cages :wtf: but its worth the models already looking great even...
  6. Lt. Dyson

    Its all just Paper

    Hi everyone started this thread for display all the paper models i made till now and of course for everyones else as a showroom. ;) I want to start with this classic Sci Fi models TinTin Rocket to the Moon followed up by Fireball XF5 and the Tardis with K9 thats all for today for...
  7. Lt. Dyson

    Looking for 12" Eagle Turned Aluminium Engine Bell's

    Hello im looking for an Set of Aluminium turned Main Engine Bell's and VTOL Thrusters for my Warp Eagle. Does anyone know were to get such for an fair price and dont have pay a fortune for them :D THX
  8. Lt. Dyson

    Question about Scanner (Flash Light)

    Hello everyone hope that some can help me here. im trying to build me a Handheld Scanner from Space 1999 :D (see Picture) I found allready a flash light but not that one they used on the show, so may be somebody here can help me. Does anyone know which type of flash light they were using...
  9. Lt. Dyson

    My little collection

    Hi their as some of you may already notice im new here and so i want to start this thread of my collection to share them with you. please keep in mind that i more like to build models than making photos while watching them :D ok now , long story short my first pictures here PE Eagle with...
  10. Lt. Dyson

    Gooood Morning Alphaaa

    Hello to everyone on this great forum. :dance: Just found this base a few days ago and after watching, reading and having a good time here i thought its time to introduce myself to this world. First of all i want to say sorry already if my english writing will have some gramma or writing...