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  1. steve36uk

    Buck Rogers Scorpion

    A semi -regular guest ship in Buck's first season was the Scorpion Bomber-it's always been a favorite of mine and of course as ever there's sod all reference material-the two best pics over at Battlebuck,screen grabs and a couple of pics from Universal Hartland days so it's a mix of as accurate...
  2. steve36uk

    Another Movers................

    A week off and some catching up on long term projects saw the Colonial Movers gain new body tubes and all six containers built up and test mounted.. Need to get some neodymium magnets to keep the cans in position yet removable for transport. Meanwhile the Prison Barge gained her front...
  3. steve36uk

    Saturn 1b for 2010

    Here it comes!!!2010 release from Airfix along with the Vostock and Skylab Saturn V!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :thumbup:
  4. steve36uk

    Airfix E Boat

    Which Models use parts from this kit?
  5. steve36uk

    1999 on Top Gear

    Always brilliant in it's choice of soundtrax for the various challenges tonites TG had the 1999 main titles for May arriving in his Morris Marina, and I'm sure part of Mission of the Darians proceeded it...
  6. steve36uk

    Daleks In Manhatten kit

    We've just had in the Airfix "Manhatten" kit,so went and bought one today- First impressions are ..well theres a lot of it! Heads are preassembled but unpainted,which will be fun with the lights and eyestalks already glued on due to electronics within. Guns will need replacing with...
  7. steve36uk

    Canadian Meteor

    This on BBc news webpage:- Why do I think "War of the Worlds?".....
  8. steve36uk

    Most Boring Job On Alpha

    Rewatching "Breakaway",I suddenly wondered how boring the job of Security Guard at Area Two must have been- what were they doing all day?-they must be on detachment as they never travelled on the Eagles we see going there and back -just standing around waiting for Eco-protesters smuggling...
  9. steve36uk

    BBC trails

    Just in from work as 6.00 news was about to start and dear old auntie beeb put out two trails for saturday night game shows and both referenced 2001-first began with a monolith in space to the "Also Sprach"music,then the second for "Strictly Come Dancing" featured "celebs" in semi weightlessness...
  10. steve36uk

    Oh Bu@@@r!

    Quickly trying to find something before leaving for work this morning,I managed to knock a snap frame picture off the wall,landing by the law of sod on my Warp Frieghter Eagle,neatly removing the back left shoulderpod,and snapping off the leg too:cry::x.... Well least I know what I'm goning...
  11. steve36uk

    AB 22" Eagle

    Peering once more into the box after several years,at the spine cast apparently from low melt solder,rough blocks of resin that may be shoulder pods,and a command module larger in diameter than its rear section,does anyone have pics of built up examples on here? The 1st isue RU kit isn't...