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  1. JWGoode

    Johnny Express Wheels (Explosives Truck)

    For sale: Eight original Johnny Express Wheels/tires as used on the Explosives truck. Not repro or cast, original. $50 plus shipping what ever that may be. John
  2. JWGoode

    A Guide to accurate SS Control Mobile Utronics Dish

    The accurate studio scale/ correctly built Control Mobile Utronics Dish Assembly was started well over a decade ago as a companion piece to my SS Mobile prints & eventual replica hull, & the kits & placement had been identified. It was thought at the time to wait for final construction in case...
  3. JWGoode

    SkyDiver & Mobile blueprint plan set

    After a reasonably exhaustive effort over several years in research, drafting & countless hours, Studio Scale Blueprints for SkyDiver (“30 inch”= 31.75 actual) including Sky-1 are now available for purchase/download in .pdf format. As a bonus, the SHADO Mobile plans I previously made avail are...
  4. JWGoode

    Studio Scale Mobile Plans

    Many years ago I prepared some studio scale drawings for an outfit that was supposed to make the best accuracy 'studio' scale Mobile into a kit. This did not come to fruition. Bernie, myself & Mamas will eventually tackle this (I think). I think Bernie is working from these to make a set in...
  5. JWGoode


    These totally WEIRD Soviet era monstrosities are real, huge & look very much like a Gerry Anderson vehicle...Unknown until relatively recently however.. Enjoy! SEE:
  6. JWGoode


    Confused & curios by differing claims of what the Mobile crew figures were--plasticine (which I was told years ago), or Tiger Joe gunners (which I was just recently told). I conducted a crude experiment on an actual Tiger Joe gunner, using the techniques described to me. Below: unsuspecting...