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  1. Angelo


    This is my model of SkyDiver. It is 3' long (1/36th scale) and is a Garage Kit from Studio2 Models. It's fitted with two aqua jets and is radio controlled for patrolling the boating look on the lookout for UFOs! Thanks for looking :)...
  2. Angelo

    Cloud Base

    Things can escalate quickly. I started off with this: Which developed into this: And now it has become this: So, hopefully, I will end up with a model of Cloud Base, or a new coffess table!:D Thanks, Angelo.
  3. Angelo

    Spectrum Heli Jet.

    Imai's model of the Spectrum Helicopter has been around for some time. It is a fairly accurate representation of the studio model. Every so often one pops up on E-bay for a reasonable price. I was lucky to get one for good fee. The cockpit needed modification to make it look like the...
  4. Angelo


    This is the Studio2Models SPV. A fun build! Lots of sanding, filling, sanding etc, but worth it. Built an interior for it. hanks for looking :) Angelo
  5. Angelo

    SHADO 3

    I built my SHADO Mobile a few years ago now. I was never happy with the finish, so I decided to re-do it, incorporating the gun turret and mortar as scene in "Sounds of Silence". I managed to get hold of an original Tiger Joe for the wheels & tracks, and most of the original greeblies. The ones...
  6. Angelo

    Space Intruder Detector

    This is my scratch built S.I.D. He started out as with a Christmas tree bauble and a section from the second stage of Airfix's Saturn V. The rest is plastic card & various "Greeblies" from my spares box. From nose to tail, not including the solar panels, it is 26cm/10". It is not 100% screen...
  7. Angelo

    UFO Interceptor

    This is my studio scale Interceptor from Gerry Anderson's UFO. It is a "garage kit" from Studio 2 Models. I did start a WIP thread, but after I got it painted & decalled, my matt varnish yellowed the paint, so I sanded it all back, and started again. I used Tamiya's acrylic sation white...
  8. Angelo

    UFO Interceptor-Studio scale.

    I remember seeing the sole surviving UFO Interceptor at a Fanderson convention many years ago, and I always wanted one. Now courtesy of Studio 2 Models there is a studio scale model, 23" length, approx 1:24th scale. The main body halves are cast in fibre glass...
  9. Angelo

    Thunderbird 2 decals

    I need a set of decals for the Imai 1/350th TB2. Anyone here able to help please?
  10. Angelo

    Northrop HL-10

    This is my scratch built 1/24th scale Northrop HL-10 It was an experimental lifting body, one of three designs used by NASA and the USAF to test lifting body theories. Some of the discoveries from the tests were used in the design of the Space Shuttle. The HL-10 also featured in "The Six Million...
  11. Angelo

    Wanted: Space Shuttle Decals

    I am looking for a set of the Cutting Edge decals for the Space Shuttle in 144th scale. Does anyone have a set they are willing to sell? Many thanks.
  12. Angelo

    Airfix Apollo Saturn V

    I've been working on my Saturn V It is the new issue with the corrected Command and Service Module. The new parts are an improvement over the old ones. Unfortunately, the Launch Escape System is the old one and is a bit clunky in detail. This shows the kit part alongside the new parts I have...
  13. Angelo

    Airfix Saturn V Skylab

    Picked up my Skylab this morning. £39.99 Eight parts makes up the Skylab/S-IVB. You get the new CSM parts and LEM in the box also. Looks good, so far.
  14. Angelo

    Studio Scale Y-Wing

    Here are som pictures of my studio scale Y-Wing I built a few years ago. Its Scratchbuilt and I did my best to use as many "original" parts as I could source. The engines on the studio models were Airfix Saturn V 1st stages which when I built this were not available, except for silly money on...
  15. Angelo

    SHADO Moon Base

    A few years ago, I started on a model of Moon Base, but put it on hold due to various reasons. Today, while I was in the loft looking for something else, I found the parts neatlly stashed away. Here are some pictures of one of the spheres, wih its pedestal and half of the connecting corridor. I...
  16. Angelo

    Maximum Security Vehicle

    My all time favourite Anderson vehile is the MSV. I am desparate to build a replica, as close to studio scale as possible. Does anyone have any info on how big it was, or any profiles/blue prints. I have the Dinky MSV and that is as spot on in dimensions as its going to get, but I can't work on...
  17. Angelo

    SHADO 1 wip

    Hi there, here are some pictures of my studio scale SHADO 1. I was lucky enough to get hold of a Tiger Joe tank for the wheels and tracks. For the main body I built a balsa wood master then made a plaster mould into which I slush cast resin. The chasis is built using perspex and the suspension...