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  1. SteveDix

    Elysium : Original Design

    Back again, this time with a model. An original that I started about two years ago : The S.S. Elysium. Finally finished.
  2. SteveDix

    Been Painting Again

    Hi all, haven't been on here much due to work. However, I have been keeping myself busy with a few paintings. Kirk vs. Gorn Android Ruk Spock 3 Talosian
  3. SteveDix

    Thunderbird 1

    I decided to have a go at painting with acrylics, seeing as the local Euro shop had all the bits.. This is as far as I got tonight. Acrylic is a lot more forgiving than watercolours, which was my only painting experience. (A picture of Leo McKern, done in the late 90's, sadly long-lost).
  4. SteveDix


    I decided to have a go at scratch-building a commlock. Why? Because I can't afford to buy one, and it beats an iphone any day. Plans, drawn up from the Starlog originals. My first attempt in Acrylic. Too difficult to cut, leading to tolerance stacking. 2nd Attempt in 1mm plastic card...
  5. SteveDix

    Explaining UFO to Germans.

    No, really, it's very little-known over here, even though Space:1999 has a following. You would be better off explaining Dr. Who to them .... Then again, maybe not... So, I was trying to explain that I was building a Moon Mobile, to a female...
  6. SteveDix

    Eagle eye dept

    Has anyone ever noticed that two of Derek Meddings's original sketches for Thunderbird 1 and 4 decorate Brains's lab in "Sunprobe"?
  7. SteveDix

    What Arthur Provis did next - Paul Starr

    Those of you who remember the Arthur Provis / Roberta Leigh produced "Space Patrol" might find this interesting : The untransmitted colour pilot for "Paul Starr", their follow-up series. It's interesting to see where they were at the time that Gerry was cooking up "Thunderbirds". Featuring...
  8. SteveDix

    My First Build : SHADO Moon Mobile

    Ever since I joined Eagertrainspotter, I've been thinking about what Gerry Anderson vehicle to build. Perhaps a Hawk? Hawks are largely kitbashed, with large chunks of the body coming from various Saturns, and carving the nosecone out of extruded polystyrene foam would be fun. I'm already...
  9. SteveDix

    Work In Progress : S.S. Hyperion

    This is an original design that I put together... oooh, about 30 years ago when mucking about with super-8. The original was cardboard with two jet-engines from a 1:35 Frog Messerschmitt 262. It was a bit smaller and had a bit of a different engine area. A couple of months ago, I noticed...
  10. SteveDix

    Hello folks

    Hello, I've just joined and I'm delurking to introduce myself. I'm coming back to modelling after something of a 20 year hiatus, I'm English but now live in Germany, and I've taken up scratch-building so I can spend a bit of my time NOT looking at a computer screen. I look forward to getting...