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  1. Dr Kane

    'Dr Who' DVDs going cheap in Oz

    There are lots of DVDs of the 'classic' series - 'Tomb of the Cybermen', 'Sontaran Experiment' and so on - on sale for $16.99 in my local 'Borders'. I assume they'll be the same price in other branches around Australia. 'Minotaur' in Melbourne is selling some for a similar price.
  2. Dr Kane

    Remember space colonies?

    Here's a short, somewhat cynical look back at the space colony movement of the '70s (Gerard O'Neill et al). The article is illustrated by three 'artist's impressions' from 1976 - I know a few of you like that sort of artwork.
  3. Dr Kane

    'Doctor Who' jokes

    I saw these on a forum called 'Digital Spy' recently. Well, they made me laugh. Q. How many 'Doctor Who' fans does it take to change a lightbulb? A. None - they just sit around waiting for 16 years until it comes on again. Q. How can Daleks tell each other apart? A. Thay. Jast. Caan.
  4. Dr Kane

    Real-life Rhapsody Angel?

    I thought this headgear from designer Karl Lagerfeld's latest exhibition looked kinda familiar. (Hang on, is that a boxer's sparring helmet I can see underneath the fluff?)
  5. Dr Kane

    Ken Adam book - first impressions

    'Ken Adam Designs the Movies: James Bond and Beyond'. By Ken Adam & Christopher Frayling. Published by Thames & Hudson, 2008. This is a hefty, landscape-format hardcover and this presentation does the subject justice. The book covers Mr Adam's 007 set designs, of course, but also 'Dr...
  6. Dr Kane

    'Alien' quadrilogy on Blu-Ray...

    ... with a 2-hour doco for each film, apparently. Sorry if this is old news.
  7. Dr Kane

    Prentis Hancock interviewed on 'Dr Who' DVD

    This week I watched the DVD version of 'Planet of Evil', a '70s 'Doctor Who' serial featuring Prentis Hancock. The 'extras' include commentary and interviews with cast & crew including Mr Hancock, recorded circa 2007. Time's been kind to Prentis: he still has a full head of shoulder-length...
  8. Dr Kane

    Steampunk in Lego I quite like the steampunk TIE fighter.
  9. Dr Kane

    GA actors in 'The Saint'

    I've been watching this series on DVD recently. Since it's an ITC show, it's crawling with actors who turn up in GA's programmes: Ed Bishop, Gabrielle Drake, Vladek Sheybal, Mike Pratt, Peter Bowles, Shane Rimmer and several others. In fact, 'To Kill a Saint' features Peter 'Jeff Tracy'...
  10. Dr Kane

    Angry Mob Playset!

    I want one for Christmas! :lol:
  11. Dr Kane

    'Thunderbirds Collector's Edition Lunch Tin' (DVD set)

    Retro-style lunchbox containing 9 DVDs & bubblegum cards. Available from Aussie chain 'JB Hi FI' from 6th November. $59.98 AUD.
  12. Dr Kane

    'CE3K' insignia - what is it?

    In 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind', we see a triangular sleeve patch (with a circle in the middle) worn by the astronauts (aka 'pilgrims') and techs at Devil's Tower. Despite my best efforts with the 'pause' button, I still can't make out any details. Anyone got a good picture or...
  13. Dr Kane

    Barbara Bain + Martin Landau + Northern Soul!

    So which one of you lot put this on YouTube? :lol: Jimmy Radcliffe's marvellous song 'Long After Tonight Is All Over' is rather special to us Northern Soul afficionados. Hearing it in this touching tribute to Ms Bain and Mr Landau was a pleasant surprise...
  14. Dr Kane

    Cool Russian space pics This is, I think, my third post with a link to 'The Big Picture' at; they run some great stuff. Amusing to see a 'Thunderbirds' reference in the comments!
  15. Dr Kane

    China names first 'space walker'

    Colonel Zhai Zhigang is scheduled to perform an EVA later this month as part of the Shenzou VII mission.,,2-13-1443_2394054,00.html
  16. Dr Kane

    Mythbusters: Instant Mona Lisa

    Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman demonstrate the advantages of parallel processing with a pretty amusing stunt:
  17. Dr Kane

    'Preparing to Rescue Hubble'

    Some great photos of STS-125 preflight activities at:
  18. Dr Kane

    'Moon Machines' - Science Channel

    Anyone been watching this? I've heard it's very, very good.
  19. Dr Kane

    '60s rock fans, please watch this

    Vanessa Amorosi - one of Australia's finest singers - maybe, perhaps, kinda.... sort of... outdoes Janis Joplin. No sci-fi connection here, just... wow. Wow. I'm proud to be Australian.
  20. Dr Kane

    Eddie Izzard + 'Star Wars' + Lego

    Eddie Izzard is, in my opinion, one of the funniest comics to ever tread the boards. In this video, his 'Death Star Canteen' monologue is brought to life via some deft Lego animation. STRONG LANGUAGE WARNING