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    MPC Eagle Build

    Hey Guys, Just thought I should my progress on my 22 inch MPC Eagle build. I have enjoyed this forum for years but haven't had a build to share, so it is. I added some extra greeblies from HO scale Train kits the castings are very crisp and each kits ranges from about $5.00 - $10.00 and they...
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    Eagle Redesign

    Hello everyone, I found this googling on the web. Its a redesigning of the Eagle that I really like. It retains most of what we like about the original design, but with some updates that bring into a more modern look. If the reboot of Space 1999 had taken place this is how I wished the Eagle...
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    Scifi-Meshes Eagle, very cool!

    Have you guys seen this? Might even be somebody here I don't know. This new CGI Eagle is very cool. If its anywhere near as good upon completion as it is now, it would make for a very nice kit. Keep yours eyes on this one...
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    New Work Bench Area!

    Well after fours years I finally have a proper workbench again. We moved from our house in New England about 4 years and we were in apt limbo for awhile. So needless to say not much building took place. So now I can finally get back into it. If you look at the bottom of my stash you can see...
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    22 inch Spine and Cages - Commission Build?

    I am just sending out a feeler right now on getting a 22 inch spine and cages built. I am wondering if there is any talented soul out there that could build a 22 inch spine & cages and if so how much? I am no where near to starting the kit I have, because of school and other responsibilities...
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    New Engine Bells!!!

    Here are a few pics of my new fancy aluminum engine bells from NWTG. I think they turned out excellent. I can’t wait till I can get to the build of my 23 inch EU Eagle. But unfortunately it will be awhile. Thanks to NWTG !!! :D...
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    Eagle Variation Design on the KSY CD Rom.

    Here are some pics of the Eagle type ship on the KSY Cd Rom I thought was kinda interesting. I like the idea I would do a few things different to it and a larger scale would be even better. Overall though I think its a neat design.
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    Here's my Warp Eagle

    Hello Here's a Warp Eagle I did a couple of years ago. It turned out "ok" as far as I am concerened, I did learn alot, but in time I might do one more. It got a little bent and warped, I put it in the P.E. Eagle box (for storage in a move), thinking it would be safer in there because as we...
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    AB Eagle parts on RU 23 eagle?

    Hello I have an AB 22 inch Eagle and I am going to order a 23 inch RU from Federation Models when they get more in, (on order). What I was wonder was, does anyone know of the capitablity of the two. I was thinking maybe I could use the AB spine and cages plus engine bells on the RU kit. Any...
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    Hello, newbie

    Hello I haven't posted here much, but I am big Eagle fan and have enjoyed the work and info on this site. I have built two warp eagles, the second of whiched turned out very well and I have an AB 22 inch Eagle which someday I will get to, (I know, I heard the horror stories). What I was...