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  1. saturnapollo

    MiM 4ft diameter Moonbase Alpha

    I notice that Monsters-in-Motion are advertising a pre-order for a 4ft diameter Moonbase Alpha. They are using a photo of my AMT Alpha kit and I have asked them to take it down as it is not representative of what they are selling and they have infringed my copyright. Prospective buyers should...
  2. saturnapollo

    Wow! Amazing photo from Rosetta
  3. saturnapollo

    Final ISS Photos

    After working on the ISS model for over twelve years, basicly building it in real time and as components were launched, finally called it a day with the final shuttle mission. The Russians still have a modeule to be launched to it, but this seemed a logical point to complete my model, before it...
  4. saturnapollo

    Soyuz Launch Pad Completed

    Finally (after more than 3 months) completed the Soyuz launch pad. Some artistic licence was required so I'm not claiming complete accuracy. Here are some photos just taken with a flash and hopefully sometime in the next few days get the "proper" photos done. Keith
  5. saturnapollo

    1/144 Soyuz Launch Pad

    Been working on scratchbuilding a Soyuz launch pad to go with the Maquette Soyuz kit I built about two years ago. Actually started on the pad at that time, but put it aside as it seemed too complex and I think something more intersting came along. Anyway, dug it back out a couple of months ago...
  6. saturnapollo

    Enterprise D Model

    This looks pretty good, especially with the lighting. Good price too though. Keith
  7. saturnapollo

    Sword and Lance and RAF Cosford 2011

    Was at the Sword and Lance show in Darlington on Saturday and the RAF Cosford model show on Sunday. Photos of some of the science fiction models from both shows. Keith
  8. saturnapollo

    Forum a Bit Slow

    Has anyone else noticed that gaining access and posting etc. on the forum, has been a bit slow over the last few days? Keith
  9. saturnapollo

    Aoshima HII Transfer Vehicle

    Aoshima released a very nice HII Transfer Vehicle last October. This is the Japanese vehicle which carries cargo to the ISS. Unfortunately although they state a scale of 1/72 it actually scales out at 1/100 though the base which is a nice representation of the Harmony node is 1/72. Real pity...
  10. saturnapollo

    Mars Geological Survey Vehicle

    Last of the Mars related vehicles. Didn't turn out remotely like I originally envisioned it. It ended up totally dependent on what I had in the spares box. Suspension accomplished with felt pads from an old camera case which fitted just perfectly under the axles. Real photos to come. Keith
  11. saturnapollo

    Mars Transfer Vehicle

    1/144 Mars Transfer Vehicle complete with two Mars Landing Vehicles. Keith
  12. saturnapollo

    Mars Transfer Vehicle

    When I built the Mars Landing Vehicle, one of the members suggested building the mother ship. I didn't really have the need to until I contemplated my latest film venture, then I realised one was necessary which included one or more small scale landers. So had to also scale down the 1/48 lander...
  13. saturnapollo

    Space Station Sigma

    First of the Sigma photos. Only managed three tonight as it takes a while to add lights in Photoshop. Unfortunately they don't turn out very well at the size of these photos -but trust me - there are there. Keith
  14. saturnapollo

    Station Sigma

    After all the problems I had with the helijet I felt I had to do something which was simple, enjoyable and relatively quick. Also cheap! So I gathered together all the remnants of old space station kits (Heller/Revell) and see if I could build something without having to buy anything! OK, no...
  15. saturnapollo

    Helijet in Action

    Photos of the helijet now completed - see below. With the exception of the last one, the landscapes were rendered in Terragen 2 - and took around 6 hours each! Keith
  16. saturnapollo

    Atlantis Re-Entry

    Finished the underside decals for the 1/72 shuttle kit and I updated my own kit. Appropriately, and purely coincidentally it was built as Atlantis some 9 years ago and in celebration of what was probabably Atlantis' last flight put together a couple of photos of the last re-entry. OMS Deorbit...
  17. saturnapollo

    SHADO Mobiles

    Eventually got round to getting some suitable backdrops for the modified PE SHADO Mobiles. Here's my first attempt. More to follow. Keith
  18. saturnapollo

    Effects of Volcanic Ash

    A very fine crescent Moon and really orange tonight, presumably caused by high altitude volcanic ash. Managed to get a photo of it. Plus you might be interested to see a satellite shot taken on Thursday. Keith
  19. saturnapollo

    2010 Book

    Looks like this could be interesting. Just announced on Starship Modeller. Keith
  20. saturnapollo

    New Improved Shuttle and ISS

    The reason I was slow in getting photos of the Arcturus was that I was bringing the space station bang up-to-date and updating my old shuttle model. I'll build a new one once the last shuttle visits the station. Keith