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  1. klee

    Recreation of the 6 1/4 inch Hawk filming model

    6 1/4 inch Hawk filming model re-creation. An idealized recreation, not an exact recreation with all the warts.
  2. klee

    Eagle Probeship/Fighter

    Eagle based probeship/fighter: This is based on a model I built using an Eagle back in 1976. I am using parts from a 1/144 Saturn V second stage, interstage and tank dome parts. I will also use cage/corridor sections , spine and my extended CM from a 22 inch eagle kit. To make it a fighter...
  3. klee

    Extended Cab Eagle CM

    Extended Cab Eagle CM:
  4. klee

    Space:1999 Comic Magazine #1

    Space:1999 Comic Magazine #1, November 1975, the first of 8 issues.
  5. klee

    Charlton Comics Space:1999

    Issue 1 Issue 2 Issue 3 Issue 4...
  6. klee

    Round 2 MPC Lab Pod Eagle

    A look at the parts:
  7. klee

    33 Inch Docking Rescue Eagle complete

    Rescue Eagle docked with a VIP Eagle:
  8. klee

    Eagle Variant

    This is based on the 14 inch kit and is a refinement of a design I built using the old AMT/MPC Eagle around 15 years ago:
  9. klee

    1975 Cardboard Eagle re-creation

    The madness begins, 44 years ago on a Thursday evening in late September I watched the first episode of an exciting new sci-fi series, Space:1999. The next afternoon after school I set about building a model of the cool spaceship, the Eagle using the only building materials I had available to...
  10. klee

    René Auberjonois has died

    René Auberjonois, best known for his roles in “Boston Legal” and “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,” died at his home in Los Angeles due to metastatic lung cancer. He was 79. His son Rèmy-Luc confirmed the news to the Associated Press. Auberjonois was a prolific television actor, appearing as Paul...
  11. klee

    Round 2 MPC 14 inch Eagle

    A look in the box: The sprues: The unmodified landing gear parts: The beginning of my modifications:
  12. klee

    Mattel based 33 inch Space:1999 Eagle

    After a year and nearly 2000 alterations and custom parts my ultimate Eagle is finished. This is what I started with:
  13. klee

    Mattel Eagle Conversion

    Possible beginning of a new project: A comparison of the Mattel Eagle Command Module and the Round 2/MPC 22 inch Eagle Command Module. My thought is to recreate the Eagle model I built in 1979 using the Mattel Space:1999 Eagle toy as the basis. There will be a lot of scratchbuilding involved in...
  14. klee

    Spine Booster for my weaponized Eagle

    Building a modified spine booster pack to go with the weaponized Eagle.
  15. klee

    Hawk has landed!

    This is the NEW styrene kit from Round 2/MPC, not a re-issue of the old Airfix/MPC model. I placed the Passenger Pod from my 22 inch Eagle in the picture of the parts trees to show the size of the model, it is about the same size as the old Airfix/MPC kit.
  16. klee

    Moonbase Alpha

    Started on the Alpha kit, I will light it with fiber optics, I also plan a crash scene near the base on the lunar surface, a crashed Eagle with a Rescue Eagle beside it.
  17. klee

    My custom design pod for the 22 inch Eagle

    "Project X", here is a link to the build log so far:
  18. klee

    Second Eagle Build

    This build will incorporate additional detailing not present on the OOB kit. Some of these details will be a mix of details from all of the 44 inch filming models, details that did not exist on any of the filming models as well as some artistic license.
  19. klee

    Alpha Moon Bus

    Decided to alter the 2001: A Space Odyssey Moon Bus into a vehicle that would be at home on Moonbase Alpha. In my mind, this would be a short range vehicle used to ferry crew to and from various outlying research stations around Alpha as well as to the Centauri Space Dock. Since the scale of the...
  20. klee

    My Eagle Freighter Build

    This build log focuses on just the winch pod and my scratchbuilt waste canister pod: