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    Gundum MEET's Eagle 1

    This is one of my old Back Self Project's , for last 3 years & now I have the info on how to make a Scratch Built-one . still thinking on should I do the Tank -TRED or Hover type for landing gear, so far the Body should take me 3 weeks to 7 week's based on fund's & new tools I must pick up ...
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    What is Best way to Make A conscept Fuselladge

    What is Best way to Make A conscept Fuseladge ? { main Body Frame }Fuseladge carboard Foum Borad poster bord or all the above? or Styreaine Plastick? WHat thickness? latter ill post the Fuseladge Dsing so all can see, for now I need advice on Scratch Biulding .
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    HI From Denver Co.

    ill be posting in a few day's , Hope to get info & Great tip's thing's I've been working over the past year's in drafting & model making,