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    Space 1999 Prop modelling in Fusion 360

    Thank you for the kind words. Yes, they were all rendered in Fusion 360 and I am still experimenting with backgrounds and lighting etc to improve my renderings. At first I thought the restrictions Fusion introduced would be an issue but I have found that they do not affect my use of the...
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    Space 1999 Prop modelling in Fusion 360

    Hello, I am new here and not sure if this is the correct place to post these so please let me know if I should move them. I watched Space 1999 in my youth and loved it. When the Covid lockdown started, I decided to learn something new while I was stuck at home and I chose to try to learn 3D...
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    S:99 S:1 COMMLOCK

    Great build, thank you for posting the photos. May I ask, where did you get the numbers for the buttons?