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    Konami Eagle Alpha Scenes

    These are my Konami Eagle scale scratchbuilt Alpha scenes. They are basically made with Evergreen sheet and strip using images from the Space:1999 Catacombs as references with my own detailing where the images don't show it. I will add some more images later of the larger elevator scene I have...
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    MPC 22" Eagle + AB 22" Eagle = ?

    I have received two of the MPC 22" Eagles and they are fantastic kits. I have the two official metal upgrade sets on order from Culttvman that will go towards making one an "ultimate" Eagle build but I also have an original AB Models 22" kit complete with its metal engine bell set. The AB Eagle...
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    The newer RU 23 Eagle?

    Hi guys, haven't been around for a while so Hi! I was wondering what thoughts or threads there are around about the newer molded replicas Unlimited 23" Eagle kits? I have seen the album here of pictures of it but I was wondering about overall impressions, especially now they offer two types of...
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    What is a good filler for Resin castings?

    What is a good filler for resin castings that adheres well and is reasonably easy to shape and sand? I have a hollow casting that is pretty thin near the edges and I would like to stabilize the edges with some sort of filler, perhaps car bog (filler)? Any advice appreciated. Tony
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    AB 22" Eagle questions

    Amongst my other Eagle kits I have an AB Models 22" Eagle kit that I paid a reasonable price for. I keep on picking it up and having a go at cleaning up the spine but it has THE most massive flash you have ever seen in the white metal castings. I am talking almost solid white metal between the...
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    23" Eagles on sale in Oz

    Hi guys, it appears the local Australian distributor for the 23" Eagles is dumping his stocks as our biggest collectable shop here in Adelaide has the transporter, lab and freighter versions on sale for $700 each, including the signiature version of the freighter. They apparently have seven of...
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    Studio Scale 'Eagle' Laser Tank

    Earlier this year I was trading some Konami collectables With Eagle-1 (Robert Hobby) and was trying to work out what I would take in return trade when he mentioned that he was developing a kit of parts to enable a modeller to build a studio scale Eagle Laser tank without having to go to the...
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    Moonraker Pictures?

    I have a 1/72 Monogram Shuttle plus external tank and SRB kit and I want to eventually do it as a Moonraker. Does anyone have any good pictures of the effects models? There is suprisingly little out on the net. Cheers Tony
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    D Prudhomme Eagle drawings?

    I have a set of the electronic CAD drawings in Whip format that Dan used to have posted on his site before he and Chris started selling their hard copy ones. I intend to get a set from them eventually but I have a question about the CAD versions. I made up a very thick aluminium jig plate for...
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    The UNCL 18" SID

    Interested to see this listed as available from Comet. I have known of its existence but has anyone built it or seen a build review? One model on my list of things to get one day. Cheers Tony
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    RU 23" Lab Pod Eagle

    I was wondering how accurate the Lab Pod in the Replicas Unlimited version was? I know the SAW 22/23" version is very accurate and a lovely casting but I allways wondered what the RU one was like. Cheers Tony
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    Small Art Works 22/23" Spine Booster Build

    As Jim has announced that he will be reissuing the Spine Booster kit for sale and I have one of the original issues sitting here to go on my RU 23 I thought it would be cool to do a build thread on it. I can only say to those of you wondering about buying one of these, do so. The quality of...
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    My RU 23" Build

    OK, I have decided to (re) start my RU 23" Eagle build and seriously attempt to have it ready for display for the annual modelling comps here in Adelaide for late October. It was a close run thing to choose between this and the AB 22 kit, but as the AB has intrinsically the correct proportions...
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    Eagle/Anderson show in Adelaide, S.A.?

    While chatting with Tony42 the other day and showing him my Anderson/ Space:1999 collection I was struck by the idea that between the two of us we had the makings of quite a nice Anderson display, concentrating obviously on Space:1999/ Eagles but with some good stuff as well (Tony42's diecast...
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    SKY-1 detailing

    I have a replica of the largest size SKY-1 moulded in fibreglass by DX-SFX. Constructed from scratch by him as a one-off model it is a very accurate copy of the original studio model owned by Phil Rae and consists of the wings, fuselage and fin all joined and smoothed off to a very high...
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    Trimming a 44" Eagle CM?

    I have a fibreglass 44" CM from DX-SFX that I bought a few years back. A lovely molding in two halves but as it is cut oversize to allow being finished as either an Eagle 1 or 2 CM each half must be filed down before gluing together. When I recieved it Chris included a sheet of hints on how to...
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    Eagle Elevator by Warp?

    I remember seeing on the Comet site a while back pictures of a kit to make an elevator, I think by Warp. Did anyone buy this and have pictures of the kit, unbuilt or not? Cheers Tony
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    Opening Pandoras' box: AB 22 or RU 23?

    I spent a pleasant afternoon visiting with Tony42 and showing him some of my collection of Anderson stuff including my AB 22" and RU 23" Eagle kits. I think he was suprised at how rough these kits are straight from the box and it does give one an appreciation of the work that some board members...
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    Small Art Works 22/23" Lab Pod

    I was opening up some stuff in storage the other day and found my SAW kit that I intended to build with my RU 23" Eagle, I have the spine booster pod as well all with the metal bells upgrade so it would have made a good display. This kit was out in the Middle East with me and was shipped home...
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    Konami Hawks and Eagles

    I was unpacking some boxes the other day and found I have some Konami Eagles (both plain white ones and a couple of Rescue Eagles in the SID/Rescue Eagle double packs) and some Hawks, all still in their plastic packets. Is there still interest in these? Still working out what I want to do with...