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  1. tak5haka

    Dragon's Domain Derelict reference request

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for any decent reference photos/information for the long Saturn V derelict from Dragon's Domain - the one that on Catacombs is called "Graveyard Ship 2" or "Derelict 2". I have trawled through this forum and only found the post where someone was looking to sell what was...
  2. tak5haka

    Federation Pursuit Ship

    Hi everyone, I am planning to put together a Federation Pursuit Ship and have trawled through all the older threads looking for references, etc. I found a couple with some very useful information, although these are now several years old, so some of the pictures and links are no longer working...
  3. tak5haka

    Some of my old sketches

    I say old, I mean in 2006! Was clearing out the spare room the other day and came across these sketches, I figured I would probably never get around to building them, so am offering them up here to forum members as inspiration or just giggles! So, here are my crappy sketches of the Mk III...
  4. tak5haka

    Bay 37: Polar Bear Split Suit

    Here is something I finished recently, 1/20 diorama set in the Ma.K universe. A cold weather Armoured Fighting Suit ("Polar Bear") being prepped for action.
  5. tak5haka

    South Cheshire Militaire

    Went to this model show in Crewe today. I've uploaded pics over at SFM:uk (, but thought I might bring to your attention this little scratchbuild by...
  6. tak5haka

    Type-M Lunar Tank

    Here are some pics of the finished heavy weapons tank, modified from the SAW version. It's a bit shiny, as I've yet to dullcoat it. The last pic shows the difference between the non-washed Type-E and this one. I might have another go at rubbing it, as it is still a bit dirty! Comments and...
  7. tak5haka

    Weathering test

    Thought I would post this as it's just finished. Basically I've been testing various paint chipping/weathering techniques on a Games Workshop Tau transport and it worked rather better than I expected. I ended up using latex artists masking fluid over a silver colour and then over the white base...
  8. tak5haka

    Bubblegum Cards

    Just stumbled across this: Enjoy!
  9. tak5haka

    Creating the Eagle-style panels?

    Slipped this question in another thread, but was just wondering if anyone had some tips on how to make the nice round-cornered panels that are on the Eagle and other related hardware? I mean, is there a special tool or is it just a case of careful sanding on the corners?
  10. tak5haka

    My 1/10,000 scale Imperial Fleet

    Yet another project which is on the go. I am working on an Imperial fleet in 1/10,000 scale, which will eventually be put into a diorama depicting an assault on a Rebel asteroid base. All the main ships are now ink washed and ready for dull coat. Actually, just thought - as this isn't quite...
  11. tak5haka

    My Fine Molds Y-Wing

    Just a few pics of this excellent kit: They are only quick shots, I have a load more, but haven't sorted them all out yet. As I said, excellent kit and if you are into Star Wars get yourself some Fine Molds goodness!
  12. tak5haka

    Alphan Heavy Defence Mobile Missile Platform

    Well, now I'm putting the finishing touches on my FM Y-Wing, I thought I would do something slightly different and head back over to Space: 1999. My plan (as it stands at the moment) is to take one of my SAW Laser Tanks and convert it into a mobile missile defence platform. Sort of a cross...
  13. tak5haka

    SFM:UK 2007 Yearbook announcement

    SFM:UK 2007 Yearbook announcement - exclusive Martin Bower feature! This year the SFM:uk web site will be publishing a Yearbook which we hope will become a regular feature. And the fantastic news which I can now reveal is that the centre feature has been written by model making hero Martin...
  14. tak5haka

    Space 1899

    Not sure if this has done the rounds before (I imagine it has), but it tickled me, so here you go:
  15. tak5haka

    Battlestar Galactica just finished!

    Well, it was a good day today, not only did I get to go to the Dr Who exhibition in Manchester, but I finished my Alliance 1/9600 Battlestar Galactica. Pics can be found over at SFM:UK in the Spacecraft photo album...
  16. tak5haka

    Some recently finished works

    Spent the last few weeks working on a few things, one being a completed build and the other just finishing off a kit that was in the queue. First off, a 1/20 Ma.K. Luna Pawn: Then there was the FM 1/72 X-Wing: As always, comments and criticisms are welcome.
  17. tak5haka

    SFM:UK 2007 Competition Announcement

    SFM:UK 2007 Competition VOTING NOW OPEN Sci-Fi & Fantasy Modellers: UK (SFM:UK) are proud to announce the launch of their 2007 online modelling competition. The competition is based around the iconic British comic 2000 AD, and we are proud to announce that we are supported by Rebellion, the...
  18. tak5haka

    Vacuforming services in the UK?

    Hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction as Google isn't being very helpful - I'm looking for a vacuforming service in the UK that would be willing to handle small-scale work, specifically 1/72 scale fighter canopies. It's not for me personally, I'm asking on behalf of a...
  19. tak5haka

    Space: 2261

    For 1999 and Babylon 5 lovers everywhere: Made me chuckle!
  20. tak5haka

    My FineMolds TIE

    Just finished a standard TIE Fighter - these kits are fab! Took a single day from start to finish (about 9 hours including drying time). Pics over at SFM:uk's gallery: If that...