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    FAB 66 and Dinky Toys catalogue…

    Knowing that Fanderson was about to publish three different covers for their FAB 66 issue I was praying to get the one with Space: 1999…and guess what?…that’s precisely the one that I received!!! :) How lucky is that?....or maybe they’ve picked the cover based on the members fave show choice...
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    Close-up pics of HAWK #182

    These should help those of you who are still undecided to buy one…or not to!;) Jorge 8)
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    Comlock/Laser Gun - Request from a disabled fan.

    Just received a message from this fellow (through Facebook’s Space:1999 page) and decided to post here in hopes that someone could possibly help him. Thank you! “ Hi Jorge, my name is Carl Hansford i live in England i have been fan of space 1999 since it first came on, i used to own an comlock...
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    First Space: 1999 “e-book”?

    Check this out guys: “The Vanishing Web” (by Chris Smillie) could be the very first SP99 fan-produced ebook, available here – for free - in its complete format for immediate enjoyment: Jorge :)
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    I have got to get me one of these!

    Great news for all local LEGO aficionados (including me!): LEGO 10213 Shuttle Adventure Set: The coolest feature for me is the spring-loaded landing gear (which make the shuttle tilt forward just like the real thing). Jorge 8) ...
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    Space 1999 Memorial

    A beautiful tribute to the people that helped make the show so special…nicely done, thought some of you would like it as well. Jorge :)
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    Just received this email from Steve: “ A very Happy New Year from all at Sixteen 12 Collectibles! 2010 – Year of the Hawk! As we speak , all molding and tooling has been finalized for the HAWK Prop Replica and full production of the 200 models begins at our factory on Thursday. Production...
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    Maya tribute

    Found this wonderful little video tribute to our beloved Maya…tastefully done with a nice image selection and great song. Hope you’ll like it as much as I did! Cheers! Jorge 8)
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    How Lee Russell got there! ;-)

    Check this AWESOME catacombs update: Jorge 8)
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    New Space:1999 website.

    New Space: 1999 website worth taking a look…particularly the “Behind The Scenes” section :yes: : Jorge 8)
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    Life sized Gundam in Tokyo!

    Truly impressive!!!!:O Now, if only someone could build a life sized Eagle…:pray: Jorge 8)
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    IKEA: 1999

    Here’s what Stefano Saklarelli (SP99 fan that I recently found on Facebook) did to his place using some Ikea furniture… È meraviglioso, un sogno! :D Jorge 8)
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    Check this brilliant interactive experience recreating the historic Apollo 11 mission to the Moon in real time. :thumbup: Jorge 8)
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    What Stormtroopers do on their day off...

    Totally clever and utterly silly. Someone put a lot of time and thought into this! Jorge 8)
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    Koenig buys an Eagle…

    I know this one’s an oldie but I always get a good laugh each time I see it…especially the “owner’s manual and user’s guide” part…enjoy it…again! :D Jorge 8)
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    Meet the Kestrel…

    Interesting…to say the least! :yes: Model will be featured in SciFi Modeller 15… I assume the model was built by one of our resident members as I recall to have seen it in someone’s avatar…good job! ;) (photo Jorge 8)
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    Ultimate WIP Lego Eagle!

    Another Lego Eagle….produced by another Ron… ;) Pretty impressive, isn’t it? More here: Jorge 8)
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    JD’s Nuke – SAW Buildup Part II

    Received this morning…photographed this afternoon…treasured forever! :) …and guys, believe me, these photos don’t do it justice! ...and now stored... Jorge 8)
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    I finally have a Lego Eagle!

    As some of you here know I collect ALL kinds of Eagles…plastic, metal, resin, wood (yes, wood!)…and my collection wouldn’t be completed if I didn’t add an Eagle made of...LEGO! :) I’ve been waiting a long time for such opportunity and thanks to Eagle12 who recently noticed this jewel on eBay, I...
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    Inspired by Salvador Dali?

    You’ll be the judge…:D …gotta have it? :)