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  1. dazzo

    A B models THUNDERBIRD 4

    Built in 1998/99
  2. dazzo

    Thunderbirds Reaper Submarine pics

    Hi,has does anyone have any pics of the Reaper sub from Thunderbirds,also used in Joe 90 and Capt Scarlet,got a mate that wants to build a radio controlled one.
  3. dazzo

    UK GK Show

    should be interesting
  4. dazzo

    Favorite toys or stuff from childhood

    whats everybodys fave stuff toys etc that you treasured as a child?,for me it was action man,dinky/corgi cars and a small bendy captain scarlet that perished,not forgetting major matt mason.
  5. dazzo

    spectrum helicopter

  6. dazzo


  7. dazzo


  8. dazzo

    SPC Studio Model Scans?

  9. dazzo

    SPV colour?

    Hi guys,im building an SPV model almost ready for painting,i read that the colour is Zircon blue mettalic,anyone know which make of car and the year etc?,thanks.
  10. dazzo

    stingray blueprint

  11. dazzo

    The Future Was Fantastic

    Does anyone remember a video that was being made a few years ago by Jeff Smart mainly about the Anderson Supermarionation shows?
  12. dazzo

    test shot

  13. dazzo

    seaview model paint job

    Hi guys,just started painting a seaview submarine model,would like to make it look like its submerged,anyone have any tips for painting light ripples on the hull? :?
  14. dazzo

    Lunar models

    just wondered if anybody has dealt with Lunar models in the USA and wondered what the average shipping wait for a kit is,i ordered a flying sub last November and i,m still waiting for it. :(