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  1. bensmodelworld

    thunderbird 1 5feet6 inches tall

    At the moment i am building thunderbird 1 in a big version for the next event in september at the national space center. I like to show pictures from the build but i will wait with this until i have been there, so it is a sort of surprice for the people how wil be going to the event.
  2. bensmodelworld

    Pod interior

    Thunderbird 2 40 inches ,pod interior
  3. bensmodelworld

    Angel intercepter

    Scratchbuild angel 30 inches
  4. bensmodelworld

    Thunderbird 3 29 inch

    Finished thunderbird 3 scratchbuild 29 inch
  5. bensmodelworld

    aaangel intercepter 30 inch

    angel intercepter 30 inch Plans for making angel intercepter from captain scarlet the model will be 30 inch tall.
  6. bensmodelworld

    Bensmodelworld website

    I have made a website were i can put my work in. And to show it to people who want it to see. This is the link
  7. bensmodelworld

    expanding my workspace

    I have made my workspace bigger,build about 2.7 meters by 6 meters long at my garage and now it is about 28 square meters for my Hobby. The workbench is 5 meters long and another 2 meters.The otherside i wil make a workbench to for my lath.
  8. bensmodelworld

    thunderbird 2 - 10 inch

    Miniatur thunderbird 2 10 inch Made from scratch
  9. bensmodelworld

    Thunderbird miniatur 6 inch

    This will be the thunderbird 1 miniatur for the new episodes. The model is 6 inch and all scratch build no bought kit. I dont have made such small models ever. From scratch
  10. bensmodelworld

    Thunderbird 2 40 inches

    My scratchbuild Thunderbird 2 at the Andercon pictures.
  11. bensmodelworld


    Made this week a vacuumtable very nice tool for my modelwork. So i can make clear parts for cars or windows for my models. The workspace is about 30 by 38 cm.
  12. bensmodelworld

    Thunderbird 3 scale 1 to 300

    This model will be 29 cm long and made with the same drawings as my 29 inch model.I will make a kit of this model.
  13. bensmodelworld

    My all builds of the thunderbirds

    All scratch made.
  14. bensmodelworld

    THUNDERBIRD 3 5 feet 6 inch

    Started with build of a thunderbird 3 studioscale off 5 feet tall. Had to make all the tubes at the wright size because there were no with the good diameter for this scale.Have also made the coolingfins from hdf .
  15. bensmodelworld

    fab 1 hobbylink japan

    Yesterday i have the fab 1 received from hobbylink japan it is a 1/43 scale model and very nice
  16. bensmodelworld

    Decals from vinyl

    When anyone needs decals i can cut them out of vinyl. You can then decide to put the vinyl decals on the model. Or you can spray them on, when you want them paint to the model i leave extra vinyl to the letters so you can better tape the rest off from the model. Contact me for price .
  17. bensmodelworld

    Thunderbirds kit

    Thunderbird 3 kit about 28 inches high. A picture from finished model
  18. bensmodelworld

    Thunderbird 3 in matt finish

    Here is my thunderbird 3 but then in a matt finish sprayed.
  19. bensmodelworld

    Thunderbird 4 studioscale 20 inches

    My next project will be thunderbird 4 20 inch long so thats studioscale. That will be when i have finished my thunderbird 2. Regards Ben
  20. bensmodelworld

    Thunderbird 2 scratchbuild 40 inch

    Have started today with the building of thunderbird 2 . Made out of mdf the overall length of the craft, and have glued the two halfs made of mdf to for the width. There are comming more shapes from mdf and then i fill the gaps with a hard foam of 4 cm thickness. And then I can quickly make the...