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    Round 2 Comlock and Stun Gun build

    A build review from Chris
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    New - Moonbase Alpha technical operation manual

    based around the 70's Starlog version, but expanded and improved
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    Round 2 1/48 Hawk test shot

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    Network On Air Blu Ray SALE 35% of Anderson Blu Rays! Captain Scarlet, Joe 90, Fieball XL5, Space 1999 etc. Be Quick!
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    Ebay mystery Thunderbirds puppets

    Are these from one of the John Brown theatrical puppet shows?
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    1/72 Round 2 Eagle construction Guide

    How to do it - by Jim Small The newest pages are at the top so scroll down and work your way back to the top...
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    3D printer owners need a moonbase?

    I was messing around with a free online bit of 3D design software called Tinkercad. It seems even easier than Sketchup. After doing some of the tutorials, I managed to make part of the Moonbase from UFO. I was searching for references of the central part that the arms radiate from, when I came...
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    Zavii Big Chief Studios Thunderbirds Bargain

    Get an additional 40% off by using BIGCHIEF40 That makes Scott and Virgil around £60 each! Be Quick...
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    Network Black Friday sale for next 5 days Blu Ray UFO £14 New Captain Scarlet £10 Terrahawks £10 other non Anderson retro TV too Jim
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    Thunderbirds 1965 episodes on Twitch

    All 32 original Thunderbirds episodes plus both films plus the 3 Thunderbirds 1965 episodes will be available to watch for one day on Twitch People who didn't back the Thunderbirds 1965 project, or haven't bought the DVD/Blu Ray this is your chance to see them...
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    Atlas Thunderbird 2 Diecast

    For those in the UK who missed this, due to it being a limited area test release by Atlas, these are appearing on eBay - it looks like Atlas have sold off their remaining stock! It's slightly smaller than the Matchbox / Corgi diecast, but with much better paint applications. Jim
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    Network on Air Sale

    Network are having a 'Bonkers' sale Complete 4 Feather Falls for £5 and other Anderson bargains Complete Terrahawks £10 Invasion UFO £4 Supermarionation Book £5 Jim
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    Thunderbirds Advert List

    I thought it might be an idea to have a list with links of Thunderbird Advertising. It's interesting to see what other creative teams can (and can't) do. Please post any you find, and better quality if you find them... Jim DVLA 2001 Halifax 2017...
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    22" Eagle Weathering Decals

    Just saw this for those without an airbrush? Jim
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    Review Nuclear Waste Area 2 Kit 2018

    In Box review Jim
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    New Hawk kit review 2018
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    Season 3 Thunderbirds Are Go CGI "Chaos Part 1" is the upcoming first episode of Thunderbirds Are Go! season 3. It is scheduled to be broadcast on the 31st of March 2018 in the UK. ITV 1 8.30 a.m. Steaming on Amazon Prime from 21st...
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    Corgi Diecast Captain Scarlet 50th Anniversary

    Corgi are rereleasing the Spectrum Saloon Car for the 50th Anniversary Last time this was issued it had a Captain Scarlet figure driving, he doesn't appear to be there in the promo images this time...
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    Captain Scarlet mini albums CD/download Jim