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    Anderson Week at The Prop Gallery

    Hi All We will be listing 12 pieces on our website this week spanning Supercar through to Space Precinct. All items are original production artefacts some of which have never been offered to the public before including, puppets and filming miniatures!! Listings start 4pm Tuesday the 8th...
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    Brian Johnson and Mike Tucker at MCM Comic Con

    Hi All Brian Johnson and Mike Tucker will be our special guests at this weekends MCM Comic Con at the NEC Birmingham. We will be showcasing original props/filming miniatures from various Anderson shows not displayed before. Brian will be at our booth all day on Saturday to discus his time on...
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    Moon models reunited with Bill Pearson

    We recently took a selection of original Moon models back to Bill Pearson's model shop for a photo shoot and interview, the article can be seen on our website.
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    Screen used Thunderbirds Zero X miniature

    I'm proud to present the completed restoration of the original screen used Zero X/MEV from Thunderbirds are Go and Captain Scarlet. The work was done by none other than Andrew Barr at Mastermodels who's father built the model for Thunderbirds are Go...
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    new prop website with Anderson pieces

    Hi Everyone I have launched my new website selling film and television props/costumes We will be listing new items twice a week on a Tuesday and Thursday 4pm GMT As my love is british sci-fi there will be plenty of Anderson pieces coming over the next few months along with Dr Who, Rec Dwarf...
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    Martin Bower Tracy Island

    I have my Martin Bower Tracy Island for sale on eBay item number 111027522728 This cost thousands to make and is exceptionally quality as with all Martin Bower models. I would do an off eBay sale for £450
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    Original UFO filming miniature

    Hi All I would like to share with you some images of the latest piece to my collection, an original UFO filming miniature, this particular one is very distinct as its flatter than other models so can be spotted on screen quite easy, for me this is one of the best Anderson vehicles.
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    Original 1960's models

    I purchased two of the models that were on Ebay, my favorite of all four the Ambulance and the Joe 90 Bobsleigh. The Ambulance is one of the most impresive Anderson models I have had the privalage of handling, completly hand made from wood with kit part detailing and an impresive 25 inches long...
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    Martin Bower tracy Island model

    I have this amazing studio scale Tracy Island made by Martin Bower, it measures 38 inch wide, 18 inch tall and 20 inch deep. It is detailed with the swimming pool, round house and TB2 runway, the rear is flat as per the studio original so it displays nicely against a wall, Martin is one of THE...
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    Martin Bower Tracy Island model

    Sorry this was posted in the wrong section
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    It was tough to part with Ochre and Grey as they are great puppets but I have lots of others and they are not that difficult to get hold of as so many different heads exist might not be a Grey or Ochre but you can certainly pick them up....were as Century 21 used filming miniature are mega rare...
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    Thunderbird 3 miniature

    Hear is one I have just picked up that im really pleased with, as people will be aware Martin Bower made three scale of TB3's in the 1990's a 31inch a 21inch and a 14inch, this is the 14 inch model that was used for 90% of all the images on the comics, video's etc, it was this scale that was...
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    Original Parker puppet

    Hi everyone I have added an original Parker puppet to my website
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    New puppet

    I have added an original puppet to my website, he is the blinker version of commodore Goddard from captain scarlet. Personally this is my favorite puppet, I think he is one if the best sculpts, Another interesting point is how expensive he was back in the 1995 Phillips auction, he was the 6th...